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Creative Millions: A Dinner and Discussion for Creatives, featured Tanner Christensen, Facebook Product Designer and Creativity Expert, at the Fountain Square Theatre  on February 28, 2017. About the Speaker: Tanner Christensen is a creative strategist, author, product designer at Facebook, programmer, entrepreneur, and artist on a mission to inspire you to think more creatively. Tanner has gone from living an uninspired life of being broke and doing mundane jobs, to having his work featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Inc Magazine, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, The New Yorker, and more. He's since consulted with creative teams around the world, published an Amazon top selling book, and built hit tools for creativity.   The event was sponsored by UIndy's Professional Edge Center.  (Photo by D. Todd Moore, University of Indianapolis)
Find Your Edge

Internships. Expert advice. Networking etiquette. Mock interviews. Writing resumes and cover letters. Interviewing skills. Alumni mentorship. Graduate school applications. 

These are just a few of the way the Professional Edge Center will help you find your edge. Here is what a few students are saying about UIndy’s Pro Edge:

Olivia Lunn
Internship: NCAA, Intern for Media Coordination and Statistics

Full-time job: Franklin College, Assistant to the Development and Alumni Engagement Department

“The Professional Edge Center helped me fine-tune my résumé, and I learned proper networking etiquette through a few mock networking events. All of those opportunities through the Professional Edge Center helped me land my first full-time job.”

Connor Clester
Internship: Kemper CPA Group

Connor’s internship at Kemper CPA Group involves electronic filing and making control sheets for tax purposes.

“The Professional Edge Center has been a tremendous help. They have helped me prepare a working résumé and improve my interview skills.”

96% of UIndy alumni say they were prepared for their first job.

Bolanle Salau
Internship: Office of Indiana Congressman André Carson

Bolanle’s internship at Indiana Congressman André Carson’s office involves meeting and greeting constituents, taking calls, drafting memos, attending staff meetings and working on caseworks or district projects.

“By continually checking up on my progress, I was able to improve my résumé, which ultimately resulted in me landing awesome internships.”

Mimi Oluwafemi
Awarded full scholarship to IUPUI McKinney School of Law

“I spoke with Professional Edge about my career goals and what my dream job would be, and we realized that maybe an MBA wouldn’t be the best fit for me. That conversation forced me to look at myself and analyze my strengths and weaknesses, and that was when I came back to my dream of law. The advice was invaluable because it led me to look into more options and that showed me the benefits of law school.”

94% of grads say Pro Edge gave them an advantage.

Aaron Vaughn
Full-time job: Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, Cost Controller

As a cost controller for Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, Aaron supports monthly analysis and works with the Procurement/Operations and Accounting departments to coordinate and report manpower and budget planning.

Audrey McGrady
Internship: Grand Ole Opry, Summer Marketing Intern

“Receiving an offer from one of the most iconic music venues in the world is not only a dream come true but proof that hard work pays off. I couldn’t have done all that I have without the help of the Professional Edge Center and their amazing staff!”

In addition to internships and job advising, the Professional Edge Center brings high-profile speakers to campus to interact with students, provide expert advice and share empowering stories of success. 

Tanner Christensen, Facebook product designer, creativity expert and author of “The Creativity Challenge,” came to UIndy and spoke at the Professional Edge Center event, “Creative Millions: A Dinner and Discussion for Creatives.” Speaking to more than 60 students at Fountain Square Theatre near the University, he and local creative professionals encouraged students to pursue creativity in their careers.

Christensen’s talk focused on developing creativity, communicating its value and putting it to work for a productive and fulfilling career.

The message resonated with Juliana Rohrmoser Pacheco, a visual communication design major. “Learning about and being exposed to various environments and people make you grow as a creative professional and as a person because you feel challenged to appreciate different perspectives.”