Q & A
The Summer Rep program

—a chance to chat with a UIndy student

Summer Rep, Zach BakerMeet: Zach Baker, Junior Math Education major
Activities: Campus Program Board, intramurals
On-Campus Jobs: Office of Admissions tour guide
Summer Jobs: Lifeguard, pool supervisor, UIndy Summer Representative
Best Summer Job: Summer Representative (of course)

Q: What is the Summer Rep program?
“It’s designed to spread the word about the University. We divide the state into seven sections, and a different UIndy student covers each section. We then call students who have shown some interest in UIndy to set up a time to meet. Usually these meetings are at a public place, like a library or a restaurant.”

Q: Why do you like being a Summer Rep?
“I really like the freedom that comes with the job. I do have someone I check in with every week for a progress report, but I have some free rein in what I do. I’m also able to travel and see parts of the state that I may not see otherwise.”

Q: Why should high school students take part in the program?
“This is an easy way for an individual student to get information about UIndy. You don’t have to worry about visiting campus or calling the University to get info—summer reps bring the information to you. So I think anyone with even a little bit of interest in UIndy would be unwise not to take advantage of it.”

Q: What should high school students do to take advantage of the Summer Representative Program?
“Call 1-866-421-7173 or write to get on our list. When we call you in June or July, we’ll have a place somewhere near your hometown where we’re planning to meet other students. We work with each student to find a good time to meet with us so they can get the information we have about the University.

“Plus they get a free T-shirt, so that never hurts!”

Q: Did you meet with a rep yourself?
“Yes, I did meet with an SR before my senior year of high school.”

Q: And did it help you with your choice?
“The rep played a big role in me choosing UIndy. I had no clue going into my senior year where I might be headed for college or what I’d be studying. I knew a little bit about UIndy, but not enough to know if I would want to go there. The rep changed that.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about UIndy that you tell people in your meetings?
“The smaller class sizes. I came from Milan High School, which is very small. That made me lean toward a school that wasn’t a huge university.

“That’s what made UIndy such a great fit. I’m not one of 300 students in a lecture hall. I actually get to know my professors personally, and the other students in my class. This is what really drew me to UIndy, so I try relay that to potential students.”

Q: What’s your favorite thing about Indianapolis to tell people?

“I like to tell students about what a great city Indianapolis is. Bigger cities can be overwhelming and intimidating to freshmen when they first go to college.

“That’s not the case in Indianapolis. Indy is very accessible for all students, freshman or senior.

“I also like to tell them there is anything and everything you could need nearby, with both Indy and Greenwood being so close together.”

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