It’s hip to be square

Cool campus neighbors

Funky Fountain Square, a city Cultural District a short drive from campus, has a lot going on, with unique restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, stores, and shopping.

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And UIndy’s in the mix, with everything from fun on the weekends to day-to-day neighborhood outreach.

The retro Fountain Square Theatre building, built in 1928, dominates the main intersection and houses three restaurants and a pair of vintage duckpin bowling alleys (which use softball-size bowling balls). It’s great for a night out with friends.

Senior Sarah Henry’s been hanging out in Fountain Square since her freshman year at UIndy, when she attended a First Friday event at the Wheeler Arts Community. The building houses a community theatre, student painting studio, and classrooms, plus affordable housing for local artists.

A First Friday event is a chance to see the art being produced at Wheeler Arts and to enjoy a fun evening with friends.

“I love the character of Fountain Square,” Sarah says. “It’s historic and artsy. It’s small businesses owned by locals. Fountain Square supports its local businesses and residents, and they in turn support Fountain Square.”

Sarah lives in Fountain Square with another student and two UIndy alumni. She does almost everything there, from getting her hair cut at Shag to enjoying coffee with the owner of Joe’s Bicycle Shop.

“There’s a great little music shop called Arthur’s, and they’ve been there for decades,” she says.

“There are tons of great restaurants such as Santorini’s Greek Restaurant, Peppy’s Grill, Maria’s Pizza, and Smokehouse on Shelby that serves great barbeque. Oh, and the duckpin bowling is a must-try.”