Success Stories
Picking politics

For Anita Samuel, UIndy was the perfect place to launch her political career and help to land her current position: assistant general counsel and policy director to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

“The University of Indianapolis provided me an excellent education. The professors were knowledgeable and outstanding but also cared about students. They made themselves available and made me feel comfortable. I learned much more in a situation where I knew they really cared about me.”

Those professors connected Anita to learning environments beyond the campus that enriched her education and her life as well.

“One of my professors invited a representative from the Indiana House and Senate to come to our class and talk about internships.

Assistant General and Policy Director to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels“As a result I received an internship with the Indiana Senate and realized how much I enjoyed state government. This led to several other opportunities in government and politics, which eventually led to where I am today.”

Anita also found the smaller, engaging political science classes as a UIndy undergraduate valuable when it came to law school.

“In law school they tend to use the Socratic method, where they just call on you to discuss a case. Having had smaller undergraduate classes that were more conversational, I found I was more confident and comfortable when it came to those situations in law school.”

Another aspect of Anita’s UIndy educational experience that affected her life was the University motto, “Education for Service.”

“As a student I was also able to take advantage of volunteer opportunities by tutoring local students in the community, which allowed me
to give back to the community at large. It’s because of the excellent, caring education I received at UIndy that I’ve always been willing
to give back by teaching a class or serving on the Alumni Board.”

“And as I’ve become more involved in politics, I have always felt like I was giving something back to the public and the state by being a good public servant.”