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Thinking about college can be very intimidating. But I knew when I was starting out as a freshman that getting involved on campus might be the best way to adjust to my new life. It was through pure luck that I managed to find one of the best organizations at UIndy during the first week of classes, and I’ve never looked back.

Caitlin Deranek - Senior Vocal Performance & Psychology Major; ISG President, 2010–11

Caitlin Deranek, Senior Vocal Performance & Psychology Major

Indianapolis Student Government is an organization designed to improve campus in any way it can. ISG also does major event planning, including the largest annual service project on campus, the Super Saturday of Service, and handles Winter Formal, UIndy’s yearly formal dance. We also help with Homecoming, Work Out Week, and Green Week, keeping all of our members very busy.

We wanted campus to be more environmentally friendly, so we formed the ISG Green Team group to help with that movement. In the past two years, we’ve increased the number of recycling bins tenfold.

We also do green programming, which is really cool. We had a recycling contest among our six residence halls last year, and the prize was a Nintendo Wii. The winning hall, New Hall, recycled more than 10,000 bottles and cans! All together, our halls recycled more than 50,000 cans and bottles in one week, which really jump-started all of our green efforts.

There are more than 50 registered student organizations on campus to choose from. UIndy has so much to offer, both inside and outside of the classroom. ISG is just one facet of UIndy, working to make the campus community better for everyone—faculty, staff, and especially students like you. I hope you’ll join us!

Caitlin Deranek
Senior Vocal Performance & Psychology Major; ISG President, 2010–11