Q & A
Adjusting to campus life

Meet: Rodrigo “Rigo” Gonzalez
Class and major: Sophomore; International Business
Van Nuys, California
Clubs: Circle K International, SBLA, UIndy Bowling Association
Hobbies: Ping-Pong, intramurals, soccer, football, softball

Q: How did you pick your major?

I’ve always been interested in learning about different cultures, and ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to major in Business. When I learned that there was a major where you could study international business and focus on expanding your product to different cultures, it was just amazing because I knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Q: What do you wish you’d known when you started college?

That no one was going to be after me telling me to do my work. And that procrastination had consequences!

Q: What’s been your greatest challenge attending UIndy?

The winter weather. I was born and raised in California, so the coldest weather I had experienced before moving to Indy was about 50° on a cold morning. And coming here to snow and cold winter mornings was a big challenge I’m still adapting to!

Q: What is your favorite thing  to do off-campus?

Going downtown for all the cool festivities, like Colts, Indians, and Pacers games, concerts at the White River State Park, the zoo, ice skating, BDubs.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on campus?

There’s always something going on in Schwitzer Student Center, and if the weather is nice, just going out to Smith Mall and playing some
Ultimate Frisbee or flag football.

Q: Do you think you should room with someone you know or someone new?

Definitely, someone new. Even though you might have to step out of your comfort zone, it’s a great way to meet new people with different backgrounds and cultures. I had two roommates from two different backgrounds, and it was a great experience.

Q:What’s the best perk about living on campus at UIndy?

Getting involved in all the student activities. Being part of the “Hound Pound,” cheering for all the athletic teams. And you’ll definitely meet more people
if you live on campus.

Q: Does campus make you feel isolated, or part of the city?

We’re so close to downtown that it makes me feel part of the city. You hear of all the events going on downtown. Plus your RA will make at least one event downtown (Jillian’s, ice skating etc.).

Q: If you visit campus, be sure to:

Walk across Smith Mall and visit a residence hall.

At UIndy, I’d be lost without: My iPhone and Macbook.

Before I became a college student, I never realized: How organized with time I was going to have to be. The best thing about UIndy is: The small campus and the great professors!

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