Student Spotlight
Not your typical college student

‘If you’re determined to get to medical school and you use the professors and resources available to you, I believe it sets you up well for medical school’

UIndy junior Austin Biefnes is not your typical college student. He’s excelled in his pre-med curriculum, and he’s done it while balancing his classes and being a college athlete.

The Colorado native credits the attention he receives from his professors for helping him be a swimmer and do well in the classroom.

“The UIndy experience is incredible,” he says, “thanks to help from your professors and small classes. This helps me keep my GPA high and really understand what I learn. The combination is really important to be successful in a pre-med program and eventually to get into medical school.”

Austin chose UIndy after looking at many colleges because of the knowledgeable professors and one-on-one interaction between professor and student.

“The professors in the pre-med program are very well-informed and give students the resources and information they need to follow their dreams of medical school,” he says. Austin believes that the professors at UIndy were the best that he found when he was researching potential colleges.

“The professors here were more knowledgeable and more willing to help than any professors at other universities I looked at. The willingness to help students reach their goals was a big factor in my decision to come here.”

When asked how he finds time to be a college swimmer and take rigorous courses, Austin doesn’t hesitate to answer.

“Being a student-athlete involves a lot of time management skills and also working with your professors in order to keep up with the curriculum.  I’ve learned to do assignments when I get them instead of procrastinating, which has taught me it’s possible to be successful in both a sport and a pre-med curriculum.”