Success Stories
Rx: UIndy

Today, they’re doctors. Yesterday, they were hopeful students like you, wondering what the future held. But all looked to the University of Indianapolis for their pre-med preparation.

Dr. Jason Sorg

“I knew in high school that I wanted to work in the health care field. I’d suffered a sports injury that required some rehabilitation.

“At that point I decided that physical therapy was the right field for me. I received my undergraduate degree in chemistry at UIndy and then completed a physical therapy degree as well.

“This experience led me to the decision to attend medical school. I had great mentors at UIndy that really helped me through the process. Dr. Joe Burnell, in particular, was instrumental in helping me to figure out what I needed to do to get into medical school.”

Dr. Sorg earned his MD degree from Indiana University and is working at Community Spine Center at Community Hospital North in Indianapolis. He specializes in physical medicine and the rehabilitation of spinal injuries.

Dr. Carla McNeilDr. Carla McNeil

“UIndy prepared me as well as anyone for medical school. I had friends from many Ivy League schools and we all struggled, but none of us more than the other.

“But the greatest thing that the University of Indianapolis did for me was give me my best friends. An admissions counselor and two girls from my residence hall floor became my biggest supporters during college—and still are to this day.”

Dr. McNeil earned her MD degree from Indiana University. Formerly a fellow at the University of Michigan specializing in pediatric hematology/oncology, she is attending physician at Blank Children’s Hospital, part of Iowa Health Systems in Des Moines, Iowa.

Dr. Linda Williams

Dr. Linda Williams

“My professors at UIndy influenced me greatly. I still quote something, even to my children, that my chemistry professor, Dr. Brooker, said
to pre-med students.

“He wrote on the board the first day of class my freshman year the letters ‘LINF.’ We quickly learned that this meant “life is not fair,” but as long as you worked hard and followed the rules, you would succeed. That was a great, succinct life lesson.

“Since my career as a researcher depends on my proficiency at writing grants or scholarly papers, I also am extremely appreciative of the excellent training I received from my English professors and also from the historiography course that I took.”

Dr. Williams is a staff neurologist at the Roudebush VA Medical Center in Indianapolis and associate professor of neurology at Indiana University. Dr. Williams completed her chemistry degree at the University of Indianapolis before earning her MD degree from Indiana University School of Medicine.

Dr. Dale Shepard

Dr. Dale Shepard

Dr. Dale Shepard

“One of the hallmarks of my experience at UIndy was the exceptional teaching I received, often in very small group settings.

“The professors I had at UIndy had a genuine passion for education. I have taken this love of teaching with me from my UIndy experience and use it daily.

“As an oncologist at an academic institution, there is a tremendous education component to my daily routine, from educating patients and their families about their cancer and its treatment, to educating fellows and residents about pharmacology or disease management.”

Dr. Shepard is an oncologist at the Cleveland Clinic—the #4-ranked hospital in the U.S.—as well as co-director of the geriatric oncology program. After graduating from the University of Indianapolis with a focus on chemistry and biology, Dr. Shepard earned both a PhD and MD degree from Ohio State. Dr. Shepard also completed a fellowship at the University of Chicago.