Right size, right opportunities

‘Successful pre-med students are not necessarily the smartest ones but the ones willing to learn from mistakes, go to tutoring hours & talk to their professors when they have questions’

For UIndy junior Tirzah Brown, choosing to attend UIndy came down to the many opportunities available to her.

“UIndy’s size is perfect—a student is not hampered from opportunities and can also get plenty of personal attention. I cannot think of one time that a professor was too busy for me to go and chat, answer questions, or give advice.”

For Tirzah, these opportunities were extremely important, since she’ll pursue a highly competitive spot in a medical school soon. UIndy’s smaller, more personal atmosphere was crucial to Tirzah as she considered where to do her pre-med studies. “I took some classes at a large state school,” Tirzah says, “and I can attest that there tends to be an impersonal ‘factory’ feel in that you’re just a number. That’s understandable, considering a prof may have
hundreds of students a semester in addition to his research.”

“But at UIndy, all my professors know me by name. We often chat in the hall or in the lab. When applying to medical school you’ll need a number of letters of recommendation, and this will be a lot harder when a professor doesn’t even know your name.”

Tirzah liked UIndy because of its reputation for top-quality programs in health-related majors.

“I came in freshman year as a biology major with a pre-physical therapy focus,” she says, “but after some soul-searching I decided to change majors to chemistry and focus on pre-med.

“I was really glad I took certain classes, because I was able to finesse my interests and change majors easily. I believe that I’ve done all I can to set myself up well for medical school,” Tirzah says. “Now I just have to hope that my efforts pay off.”