Students choose the best of UIndy!

When you’re a UIndy student, you’ll want to learn the ropes fast. So here’s information you can use.

What’s the best residence hall on campus? The best in campus cuisine? The best intramural sport?

More than 200 students completed our survey to tell us (and you!) what’s best at UIndy.

What’s the best residence hall to live in freshman year?

And the winner is: Warren Hall.

Why? Situated close to the Schwitzer Student Center, Warren Hall provides quick access to food, friends, and recreation on campus. With its five floors of dual-occupancy rooms, Warren Hall offers a traditional dorm experience complete with matching comforters, rugs, and other room décor. Expect to make friends if you live in Warren Hall, as it’s UIndy’s largest residence hall, housing more than 300 students.

What’s the best residence hall on campus?

The envelope, please: East Hall.

Why? It’s no surprise that UIndy’s newest residence hall is the top choice of places to live on campus. With its single-occupancy suites, stone fireplaces, and flat-screen TVs in each lounge, East Hall feels more like a resort than a residence hall. (Sorry, freshmen—East Hall was built for upperclassmen and fills up quickly during housing selection. But it’s something to look forward to.)

Which building has the best architecture?

Drumroll: The Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center.

Why? Home to the acoustically perfect Ruth Lilly Performance Hall as well as its own art gallery, the CDFAC plays host to numerous musical performances and art exhibitions each year. The modern, red-brick edifice is recognizable and surrounded by sculptures—part of the campus-wide Fifth Third Bank Sculpture Walk.

What’s the best intramural sport/activity?

Hang on: Ultimate Frisbee.

Why? More than 600 students participate in intramurals at UIndy, in sports including basketball, volleyball, racquetball, and soccer, to name a few. Ultimate Frisbee as an intramural sprang to life in 2008 and has gained popularity with the student body ever since. And even students who don’t play Ultimate Frisbee as an intramural can be found on Smith Mall tossing around a Frisbee with friends.

What’s the best way to study?

Who’d have thought it? Review notes—& read the book.

Why? “Repetition. Repetition. Repetition. It’s boring, but it works,” Bobby Brooks, a senior experiential studies major, said. Especially during midterm and finals weeks, you can find students camped out in the Sease Wing, which is open to students 24/7, poring over notes and re-reading chapters to prepare for the big tests.

What’s the best way to stay healthy on campus?

Take a hike: Use the treadmills/machines in the Schwitzer Student Center.

Why? New to campus in 2009, the workout equipment on the second level of Schwitzer Student Center is frequented by students. They’re secluded from heavy student traffic and have a nice view of campus. And don’t forget the multiple flat-screen TVs for some entertainment while you whip yourself into shape!

What’s the best thing to eat on campus?

Open wide: The Sub Hub’s classic sub.

Why? Streets Grill, the Fiesta Grill, and the Sub Hub offer students with tons of tasty choices when it comes to chowing down on campus. However, the students have spoken: the most delicious meal is the classic Sub Hub sub. Pick your meat and bread, pile on veggies, and top it with whatever dressing you like. The classic sub lets students create their perfect combination of ingredients to satisfy their hunger.

I absolutely cannot live without:

Wait for it: My cell phone.

Why? We live in an age of connectedness and multi-tasking, so it makes sense that UIndy students chose their cell phones as the item they need most to survive. Whether students are texting, Facebooking, or checking their e-mail, it’s rare for them not to be constantly glued to the phone. Just don’t do that in the middle of a lecture!

What’s your favorite UIndy service activity?

Pretty in pink? Pink Week & Pinktober.

Why? UIndy students voted that Pink Week as their favorite service activity on campus, and their efforts and dedication during the event reflect that. During Pink Week 2010, the University of Indianapolis raised over $7,000 to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Organizations from all over campus pitched into the effort and demonstrated the power and dedication of the student body.

What’s the best part about college?

Free at last: Freedom.

Why? Freedom is a key ingredient in the college experience. At UIndy, there are many ways for students to choose their own destiny. Students can choose from some 80 majors, tons of clubs and organizations, and countless campus jobs to build a life here at UIndy and in Indianapolis. There are no campus curfews, and students can eat whatever they want whenever they want. Major in Philosophy? No problem. Ice cream for breakfast? You got it.

What campus events do you like best?

Now hear this: Free concerts.

Why? It’s not only the concerts that are free—it’s all UIndy events! From outdoor movies on Smith Mall to comedians in the Ruth Lilly Performance Hall, students can enjoy campus entertainment for no cost at all. In the last year, Secondhand Serenade, White Tie Affair, and Drake Bell all have performed for students on campus free of charge. Your UIndy ID is your ticket to front-row seats at countless events throughout the year.

Best place for commuters to hang out?

Rack ’em: The Hub/Game area of Schwitzer.

Why? The Hub is always bustling with activity. Commuters can spend their down time grabbing a bite to eat, watching TV, or shooting some pool. The tables and booths in the Atrium and game area are also great places to do some quick studying before class. And if you want to catch a quick power nap, the second floor of Schwitzer offers many couches and chairs and a quieter atmosphere perfect for a little shut-eye.

Best music on campus?

Listen up: The guy who plays ukulele on Smith Mall.

Why? Evan King can always be counted on to serenade the student body with catchy tunes on his ukulele. Students hum along with his song selections as they walk to class. Evan often serenades passersby with music inspired by Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, among others. However, if you are not a fan of Jason or Jack, don’t fret—Evan takes requests!