Student Spotlight
Internships at a Fever pitch

Erin Justice was always a sports fan. She played basketball and softball in high school and plays intramurals. But she didn’t always realize sports might be more than a hobby. Erin came to UIndy unsure of career plans but loves working with people. A Communications degree and Marketing minor seemed like a fit. Her choice was a slam dunk. Com- munication has several areas of emphasis to pick from, including public relations, journalism, electronic media, and sports information. Its students get to take classes and pursue experiences in more than one field—ideal for a motivated student with a variety of interests.

“The department fits me perfectly.Each concentration has an applied course to help explore the field.”

In her sophomore year Erin hit on the idea of working in the sports industry. She was working for UIndy radio (she began on-air broadcasts as a freshman) and volunteered to do an away women’s basketball game.

Two seasons later, Erin’s a senior and still broadcasting the games. That piqued Erin’s interest in the sports industry, so she signed up for Sports Media classes. Her educational background in broadcasting, sports information, and public relations made her a shoo-in for a coveted Media Relations internship with the Indiana Fever this past summer.

“The competitive spirit of sports matches my mentality,” Erin says.  “I heard about the Fever internship through a former UIndy student and jumped at the chance to experience what a job might be like in an industry I already loved.”

Erin was responsible for tracking news coverage about the team, updating web content on games and special events, and coordinating interviews between the media and Fever players. She worked directly with the WNBA players—one of her favorite aspects—and her hands-on experiences allowed her to apply and perfect the skills she’d acquired back in the classroom at UIndy.

“As an intern, the most important thing I learned was not to act like an intern,” Erin says.

“At times, the advisor is not there to answer every question. You learn to be assertive.”

Erin also interned for Emmis Communications last fall, helping with promotional events for four local radio stations. She still works for Emmis part-time and knows that working for a direct media outlet is a priceless learning experience if she decides to pursue a career in sports information.

Erin had a blast with the Fever (who returned to the WNBA playoffs this year) and sees herself involved in the sports industry in the future. She loves the idea of working for a team after graduation. And she knows the connections she’s made through her internship will make her job search easier.

“My approach to college has been, the more I get done here, the more jobs I’ll be qualified for when I graduate. My internships have given me so much to offer.”