Student Spotlight
Mixing it up

Senior Andre BlackburnThe University of Indianapolis hosts students and faculty from all over the world, and diversity at UIndy is very easy to see. From the students to the faculty, athletes to the coaches, and the in-state to the international, UIndy includes people from all walks of life and all parts of the globe.

There’s even an annual event called Celebration of the Flags, where students and faculty can show their pride in the country they are from. On campus there are also groups and organizations that focus on promoting diversity.

I am from Haiti, and I have made friends here from all over the world. The size of the campus allows me to easily meet students and faculty with backgrounds very different from mine. Everywhere on campus I see the diversity.

Serious diversity

My classes have included students from Africa and Japan. Some of my jobs have allowed me to work with students from Nigeria and Belize. I’ve played on intramural teams with students from Israel, and I’ve had teachers from Barbados. I’ve been in small groups with students from Germany.

Being an orientation leader also has given me the opportunity to work with students from China. And every day I talk to students from other countries and states who I would not have come into contact with if I hadn’t attended the University of Indianapolis.

When it comes to diversity, UIndy has the right atmosphere for you to be who you want to be—and meet all kinds of interesting people along the way.

—Andrew Blackburn ’11