Success Stories
Pro sports career, on the sales side

Jason McGuiness, UIndy Class of ’07, is now a senior-level sales rep with the Indiana Pacers.

“I’ve always had an interest in working in sports and I’ve played them my whole life. Once I took a few classes at UIndy and learned about all the different careers, I knew that working in sports was exactly what I wanted to do.

“You realize pretty quickly that being involved with a professional sports team is more likely to happen by working for one than playing for one.

“Indianapolis is the sports capital of the country, so I knew I’d have a great chance to gain experience through volunteering and internships with sports-related companies.

“Professors Jennifer VanSickle and Larry DeGaris did a number of things to help me get started in my career. In the classroom I was exposed to speakers from the NCAA, Indiana Pacers, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“All these opportunities provided me with experience as well as a chance to network, which led to internships. In my internship with the Scout Camp Pro Football Regional Combine, I was on the Events staff and helped plan and imple-ment the combine.

“I also took part in a class sales project with the Indiana Pacers. I got to meet some of the sales guys with the Pacers, which led to an internship and now a career.

“My advice is to get involved early by volunteering or doing internships. UIndy is a perfect school if you are looking to work in the sports field because there are many sports-related companies within 10 minutes of campus, where you can try to get your foot in the door.”