Student Spotlight
Promoting the Pacers

Kendra Geiger’s always had business in her blood.

The Auburn, Indiana, native had watched her father and grandfather build several successful businesses. But when she came to UIndy, she was completely undecided on which major was right for her. Kendra (who will graduate in 2011) soon felt drawn to sports marketing. The former high school athlete loved that she could combine her new passion for marketing with sports. She’s now a double major in sports marketing and marketing.

For Kendra, UIndy’s home court advantage has allowed her to do more than just read about sports marketing in textbooks. She’s actually able to apply what she’s learned in the real world. The classroom experience that stood out, she says, was her Sport Sales Management project during her junior year. Kendra and her classmates gained hands-on experience by developing sales leads and selling tickets to Pacers games.

She was able to sell two luxury suites for the Pacers and generate $7,000 in revenue for the organization—“not a bad profit for a class assignment!” she notes proudly. Kendra’s experience helped her earn an A on her class project—
but also gave her the opportunity to show Pacers Sports and Entertainment staff what she could do.

As a result, Kendra was offered a summer internship with the Community Relations department, the public face of the Pacers. Kendra spent the summer organizing and attending community events with players from both the Pacers and Fever. She also helped with the Pacers draft party and donation letters from community organizations requesting items to help raise money for charity. Whether it was a game day or community event, Kendra’s internship was a wonderful learning experience and a great way to get her foot in the door.

Since the team’s headquarters is only 10 minutes from campus, she’s been able to extend her internship over the entire semester without having to take any time off from school. Spending a full semester at a team’s headquarters is almost impossible for most college students.

“I’m the only intern with the Pacers organization who didn’t have to drop out of school to work for the team this semester,” Kendra says.

She’s also the only intern able to work for the team during both in-season play and the off-season. This fall Kendra will focus her efforts on helping with the WNBA’s Be Fit program, which establishes clinics in community parks to help teach fitness skills and nutrition to kids; WNBA players, such as Fever star Tamika Catchings, serve as the program’s ambassadors.