Success Stories
Representing the Roughriders

Niki Lodholz, UIndy Class of ’10, is a group sales coordinator with the RoughRiders, AA affiliate of the Texas Rangers.

“My father always told me to do something I will enjoy; that way it’s not just work every day. I’ve done just that—I work for a baseball team with people who truly love the sport and are around my age.

“This company and team is all about fun family entertainment as well as baseball, and it truly shows. I go to work every day at a baseball stadium and truly love my job!

“I realized sports were the best fit for me when I attended Business Day at UIndy. I didn’t know what Sports Marketing included; all I knew was I was a soccer player and I loved baseball and thought how cool would that be to work with players or even a team.

“I came from a high school where I knew everyone and they knew me. I knew the teachers personally and I truly believed I would benefit if I had that at the university I attended.

“I loved the fact that if I had a problem I would feel comfortable enough to go and meet with the teacher and not have to introduce myself every time.

“The best professor I had was Larry Degaris. He’s big on networking and always told us about opportunities to go learn about sales and meet people who’ve established themselves in the sports industry.

“I took full advantage and it’s paid off. I went to a sales conference in Cleveland my sophomore year and walked away with my first internship, and it didn’t stop there.

“I participated in any event a teacher threw my way, and it was because of that and my determination and multiple internships that got me here today.

“Get your name out there and network with as many people as you can. It’s not about who you know but who knows you.

“Get experience. Everyone wants to see what you’ve done. Be willing to learn new things all the time. The more you want to learn, the more you’ll stand out above the rest.”