Q & A
Guten tag, world!

Name: Candi Witzigreuter.
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Sociology. Minor: Psychology. Class: Junior
Activities & clubs:
UIndy Dance Team.
Work experiences:
Summer Representative, Orientation Leader
Favorite spot in Indy:
Canal Walk, downtown Indy
Favorite UIndy tradition: Midnight Breakfast

Q: Why study abroad?

My roommate went to the University of Indianapolis branch campus in Athens, Greece, last year and after hearing about her trip, I wanted to plan my own study-abroad experience. I chose Heidelberg, Germany.

Q: Did you have any help?

The International Division staff is amazing! I’ll never forget walking into the office. They pointed to a large world map and asked me, “Where do you want to go?”

In that moment I felt like the entire world was at my fingertips. It was awesome! They helped me through the entire process, from getting in contact with the destination university, paperwork, and even where to get my passport picture taken. They made what seemed a very daunting process so simple and easy!

Q: Why Heidelberg?

I was in the process of planning my Senior Project for Honors College
at about the same time I was thinking about studying overseas. My research project focuses on human trafficking, which is a very international topic. I decided to combine the two ideas and conduct my research abroad. I chose Germany because it was one of the best countries to conduct my research.

Q: Was it all work & no play?

My main goal was to complete my research and data collection, but I was able to do a lot of traveling. I visited many cities in Germany, such as Stuttgart, Munich, and Trier. I also traveled to Ireland, France, Austria, Slovakia, and Greece.

Q: Did any friends go, too?

I actually didn’t know anyone in Heidelberg when I arrived, which I must admit was a little scary, but I soon met friends at the university where I was studying and living. Those friends actually accompanied me on all of the other weekend trips to different countries.

Q: Do you speak German?

I didn’t speak much German, French, Greek, or Slovak, so reading maps and asking for directions was always an adventure and made for some great laughs! My friends and I typically got pretty lucky and could find English speakers when it was necessary. I did take German language courses abroad. Although I’m still not fluent, the classes were extremely helpful with daily tasks like grocery shopping and getting around the city.

Q: How did this fit with your plans for the future?

The process of getting research approved while abroad and conducting research on my own were both great hands-on learning experiences for me. I’ve always wanted to work with an international nonprofit and this increased my interest in that goal. I really enjoy experiencing new cultures, and being immersed in Germany’s culture was amazing. I’m now considering going to graduate school abroad or searching for jobs with the opportunity to travel.

Q: Have a favorite memory?

There’s a place in Heidelberg that will forever be in my heart, a small place along the “Philosophensweg,” or Philosophers Way, which is a path that went up one of the two mountains in Heidelberg. It’s a small area with benches and gardens that overlook the city.

It was gorgeous! You could see the river below that runs between the mountains, and on the opposite mountain were a castle and an old church. The view was breathtaking. I was just overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to travel and live in Germany.

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