No chumps on hump day

On wednesdays, everyone wins free stuff.

That’s music to the ears of college students, and UIndy understands.

Once a week, the Campus Program Board lets the freebies fly—key chains, Frisbees, T-shirts, even professional massages. What’s the catch? There is none—it’s just celebrating the milestone that is Wednesday.

Known affectionately as “the Hump Day Special,” it gives UIndy’s Greyhounds a little something to look forward to and helps them get through the week. The Hump Day Special happens every Wednesday in the Atrium of the Schwitzer Student Center during lunch, 11:30 to 1:30 p.m.

After sitting down to lunch with friends, or nabbing a quick bite from the Grab-n-Go, students swing by the CPB table, where smiling Campus Program Board members hand them their complimentary pick-me-up. ”CPB provides students with a great pick-me-up in the middle of the week,” junior Jacki Dillman of Carmi, Illinois, says. “The Hump Day specials are always fun, entertaining—or delicious.”

Junior Bob Helfst, of Dunkirk, Indiana, is on board, too. “It offers a quick break in your day.”

Julie Wehmiller, this year’s CPB president, has her own favorite Hump Day Specials. “Ice cream sundaes. Or those professional massages given during finals week!” she says. In addition to the famous Hump Day Special, CPB also hosts lecturers and comedians, brings concerts to campus, and puts on a monthly movie event. So ask any Greyhounds what they love about UIndy, and chances are, one of their answers will be the free stuff they score every Wednesday.

Why? You have to celebrate being over the hump.

—Stephanie Snay ’12