A capital idea

Junior Todd Byrne is making the most of his experience at UIndy—and especially the Honors Program. But he’s not spending all of his time in Indianapolis. The UIndy Honors program has led Todd to a semester in Washington, D.C. as a participant in the Peace & Conflict Resolution program at American University.

About Honors College

UIndy’s Honors College offers intellectually motivated students opportunities to develop and showcase their knowledge and creativity. And it’s open to students in any major. Honors College students are challenged with demanding courses, independent study, and leadership and service opportunities—plus the chance to do research under faculty guidance and exchange ideas with other top students.

Fulfill requirements of the program and you’ll graduate With Distinction. And a copy of your Honors project will be bound and housed in the permanent collection of the University’s Krannert Memorial Library.

“Since UIndy is a member university with this program, they are able to send a student each year to study for a semester in D.C. for the same cost as UIndy. It’s a pretty sweet deal!” says Todd. “I’m doing an internship, taking an elective course, and participating in many arranged seminars that take place around Washington D.C. This is an experience that I couldn’t pass up as an International Relations major; I’m gaining real-world knowledge of peace and conflict resolution, which will help me greatly in the long run.”

Focusing on opportunity

Todd, an avid photographer, has certainly indulged that passion in Washington. But his photo file’s about to grow even more. At the end of this semester, Todd will travel to Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus to apply some of the real-world knowledge he’ll have gained throughout the semester. Then next year, Todd will start work on his Honors Project, and he hopes the European journey will help him gather information.

“I’m focusing my Honors Project on the topic of interfaith dialogue,” Todd says. “I want to create a journal that is accompanied by numerous interviews with different individuals of a diversity of faiths. My biggest goal is to highlight how dialogue between different religions can help with society’s global misunderstandings and misconceptions. The Honors program has given me so many opportunities; it’s one of the best aspects of my experience as a student at UIndy.”

His International Relations classes, Todd says, “are filled with thought-provoking discussions about the relations of each country and government as it applies to their history, geography, and politics.

“Much of which, you’ll find, affects you more than you realize, and that in itself is incredibly interesting. I’m really happy I chose UIndy because I’m able to combine a great program with travel experiences that will really set me apart when I start looking at jobs and graduate school.”