Q & A
Putting the ‘extra’ in extracurricular

Name: Tanner Hammock
Major: Psychology
Class: Senior
Favorite spots in Indy: Indianapolis Museum of Art and Hilbert Circle Theatre for Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
Work experiences: Intern at SENSE Charter School, Research Assistant in School of Psychological Sciences, Summer Representative
Favorite UIndy tradition: Midnight Breakfast

Q: Talk about life outside of class.

It’s time to explore, to take education into your own hands, to meet interesting people, learn about yourself, and prepare for life after college. Campus life, extracurricular activities, friends, internships, and the city of Indianapolis are all very important to the UIndy experience.

Q: You spent a semester abroad?

I was ready for a completely new experience. I knew it would be unlike anything I’d ever done before. I was right; every day I saw, experienced, or learned something new.

Q: Why the Dominican Republic?

I wanted to travel somewhere much different from the U.S. and improve my Spanish. I lived with a Dominican family, had three hours of Spanish class a day, and volunteered at a school where no one spoke English. The climate was another factor; I know everybody had a wonderful time with the snow in January, but I much prefer the sun and beach.

Q: What did you get out of it?

A better understanding of myself and my culture. Being away from loved ones, while very difficult, gave me the opportunity to form my own opinions and ideas, completely separate from others’ influences.

Q: Tell about your research projects.

My sophomore year I began to work on a large research project for my academic advisor on how terminal illness affects the mental health of children. I plan to keep working on this project until I graduate.

Last semester a friend and I studied how parent-child relationships affect the mental health of terminally ill children. After creating a hypothesis, conducting a literature review, analyzing data, and reaching a conclusion, we presented our findings at the Mid-America Undergraduate Psychology Research Conference.

Q: What was that like?

Conducting my own project was a great experience. I learned about all the work necessary to do a study. I gained knowledge about what graduate school may be like. I discovered something new in my field. I got to see what other undergraduates are researching.

Q: Talk about your internship.

It allowed me to work at an elementary school with children who have emotional and behavioral problems. We worked on anger control, talked about friendship, and discussed healthy life styles.

It’s made me more curious about working with children. I’m not positive I want to work in the exact same setting as I did in my internship, but I do believe I want to work with kids. My graduate career will be a reflection of the type of work
I hope to be doing.

Q: Any other UIndy highlights?

One of my best college experiences was my Spring Term trip. I spent 10 days in Europe touring different cities with the University’s band. Not only did I get to spend time playing music with friends, but I got to see lots of Austria and Italy.

Q: What advice do you have?

Get involved in as many groups and activities as possible! Try something you never have before, take a leadership role, do something related
to your future career.

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