Q & A
Q & A with a CPA-2B

Name: Terrell S. W. Franklin
Major: Accounting; CPA (Certified Public Accountant) track
Class: Senior
Clubs & Organizations: Accounting Club; track-and-field team
Work experiences: UIndy Admissions Office and Saint-Gobain Verillia
Favorite spot at UIndy: Third-floor lobby of East Hall (Check out video about East Hall starring Terrell)
Favorite UIndy tradition: Watching movies on Smith Mall by the canal

Q: What made you choose UIndy?

My decision was based on the fact that I could study to be a CPA, run track, and not have to worry about overcrowded classes. I graduated from a small high school with about 100 students in my class, so I’m pretty accustomed to small classroom sizes. I also enjoy running track, and at UIndy I don’t have to choose between being a jumper or sprinter; I can do both. I know I would have had to make that choice at a Division I school.

Q: You’re on the track team; how do you balance athletics & academics?

Time management is key to succeeding in academics and athletics. I’ve made a detailed schedule with the hours I have class, work, track practice, study time, and free time. It’s easier when everything’s laid out in front of you.

Q: What’s the biggest difference between UIndy and high school classes?

The increase in reading and overall homework load. In high school, I was reading a few pages a week for all seven of my classes. Now I read about a chapter or two a week for each one of my classes. Another difference is the way professors treat students. You’re expected to be more independent in the classroom. There aren’t assignment reminders every day. You’re not provided with study guide materials for all your classes like you might have been in high school.

Q: What should high school seniors be doing right about now?

I suggest they apply to as many colleges as they can, just in case their number one choice doesn’t work out. They should continue visiting campuses to make sure the university is the right fit. They should also apply for grants and scholarships.

Q: When’s the best time for a visit?

The best time to make a campus visit is during the week, and when the weather is nice. You’ll be able to see how students go about their day and what the atmosphere is like. During the colder months, it’s harder to judge these things because there will be fewer students outside, with everyone rushing to get into one of the warm buildings!

Q: Some high schoolers are starting the admissions process now. Any advice?

Make sure to fill out the correct applications and submit them in a timely manner. The sooner you get them in, the faster you’ll know whether you’ve been admitted or not. It’s also always important to ask questions if something doesn’t make sense. [Feel free to call the UIndy admissions office to get your questions answered quickly.]

Q: What advice do you have for seniors about the financial aid process?

That can be stressful and can take up a bit of time. UIndy can help. You want to file your FAFSA as soon as possible to see what kind of government aid is available for you. If you still need financial help, look into grants, scholarships, and loans. Also, make sure to ask if the university you’re applying to offers scholarships or grants for the specific major you’re considering.

Q: What are your goals after you graduate next spring?

I’ll take my CPA exam as soon as possible, then apply my skills in a public or private accounting setting before opening my own firm. I’d like to continue competing in track at an international level and later begin coaching as well.

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