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Careful on campus—you might bump into the bookworm

Roving bibliophile

In this age of smartphones, tablets, and e-books, UIndy biology professor John Langdon still has his nose stuck in a book.

You might see him walking across campus, weaving his way around students, trees, and other obstacles, yet barely lifting his eyes from the pages in front of him. What makes him risk bodily harm in order to keep reading?

“I just don’t like to waste time,” the graduate of Harvard and Yale says. “I don’t like part of my mind not being used, so I always have a book with me, even while walking.”

The topics and authors on his reading list vary, though he seems to be particularly interested in history books lately. It’s not uncommon to see him with one of Robert Sawyer’s science fiction novels, a favorite author of Dr. Langdon’s. Thankfully, Dr. Langdon has yet to collide with anything or be injured while walking and reading.

So far, he says with a laugh, “The worst part is having rain land on the pages.”

Dr. Langdon has been teaching at UIndy for almost 30 years. He teaches everything from freshman seminars—he’s leading one on dinosaurs this fall—to a human evolution course for graduate students.

Word to the wise

“I’d encourage freshmen to keep their eyes and options open,” he says. “You might find something that you are interested in that you didn’t even know about before you came here.”

Planning to major in biology?  Dr. Langdon suggests looking at careers in health, science teaching, or industry science.

“Look and see what you’re interested in,” he says. “Explore—and be interested in learning, not just in landing a job.”