Q & A
Brent Lederle, UIndy International Relations Senior
Double major with a side of travel

Brent Lederle, UIndy International Relations Senior

Meet: Brent Lederle

Double Major: International Relations, Spanish
Class: Senior
Clubs & Organizations: Honors College, Presidential Assistant, Alpha Chi, Phi Alpha Epsilon
Work experiences: Tutor, Department of History and Political Science
Favorite tradition: When faculty line up to welcome incoming freshmen each fall, then line up again to bid farewell to outgoing seniors at graduation.

Q: So why did you choose UIndy?
The personal attention I received prior to coming here impressed me and really set UIndy apart from the other schools I applied to. The personal attention hasn’t stopped since, and I value the personal relationships with faculty and students that are so characteristic of UIndy.

Q: Favorite campus spot?
When the weather’s nice, the 
columns and steps at Good Hall 
are my favorite place to spend time. Typically I’ll eat lunch, read, or do some work there.

Q: Best thing about your majors?
Studying International Relations and Spanish is preparing me for a career in public service and ensuring I have the skills to secure a job doing what I love: traveling.

Q: You studied overseas. Why?
It was a given for me, something I knew I wanted to do even while in high school. I love to travel, so incorporating study abroad into 
my four years here was not just 
an option—it was a necessity.

Q: You spent a semester in England at Oxford University for UIndy credit?
Studying at Oxford became a defining moment and I’ll forever remember my time there. To be in such an academic environment where everyone loves what they study 
and enjoys discussing it was what 
I found so captivating. I studied British Politics, and I found that my favorite aspect was the discussion of current events with the perspective of UK residents. My favorite place in Oxford was 
this tiny, tucked-away restaurant called the Bear, with enough room for about eight people maximum—
a must-see for anyone visiting.

Q: You’re in UIndy’s Honors College?
Yes, and I took advantage of every opportunity Honors College provides for students—taking interesting and thought-provoking classes, attending conferences across the country, and receiving scholarships to study at Oxford. Honors College helps you pursue an advanced undergraduate curriculum far beyond what most students do. I was also able to publish papers in an undergraduate research journal through Honors College.

Q: What did you enjoy most about your Honors College project?
The unique opportunity to conduct research with a faculty advisor. If anything, it provided me the foundation for understanding what graduate school will be like. And I developed not just an academic relationship with my advisor but a friendship that will last a lifetime.

Q: How do you think your UIndy career will help you reach your goals?
I’ve had incredible opportunities for travel, research, and faculty engagement that put me a step ahead of other students and prepared me for graduate school.

Q: What’s next after graduation?
I’m applying in Washington, D.C. for positions in International Relations. I’ll be working for a few years, gaining experience so as to apply to a PhD program in International Relations in the next five years.