Q & A
Q & A: Far from home, but in a comfort zone

Meet: Mengjie Du

Hometown: Shangyu, Zhejiang Province, People’s Republic of China
Class: Graduating Senior
Campus Job: I have worked in the admissions office for two years. UIndy provides a lot of opportunities to work on campus.
Fun fact: During my time at UIndy, I used holiday time to travel a lot to places like New York, L.A., San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Key West, and Mexico. I really appreciate getting to study abroad and travel.

Q: Why did you choose UIndy?

“I’d wanted to study in the U.S. since I was a child, because the education in this country is comprehensive and well-respected. One of my friends who studied in the U.S. recommended that I attend college in the Midwest because big cities like New York and Los Angeles have so many Chinese people, meaning English might not be necessary in daily life. My college in China (Ningbo Institute of Technology) has a study-abroad option at UIndy, so I’m earning credit for both my UIndy degree and my Chinese degree.”

Q: Are you involved on campus?

“I am an International Ambassador in the Admissions Office. I communicate with prospective students from China and provide them with information, write a Chinese-language blog about campus, and maintain a Weibo (Chinese Twitter) account for UIndy.”

Q: Have a favorite UIndy memory?

“My favorite memory is from my first year, when I had three American girls as my roommates in Central Hall. They were so nice and helped me adapt to life in the U.S. They taught me how to bake cookies and shared their favorite songs with me. Making friends was really easy when I came to UIndy.”

Q: What’s life on campus like?

“As a Chinese student, living on campus with American girls was definitely an exciting, fresh experience; it was so interesting living in a different culture. My American roommates were very nice and have always been happy to teach me new things. It’s not only a good memory of friendship but it was also very helpful for improving my English.”

Q: What is your favorite thing about your professors?

“American professors are very different from Chinese professors! During my first class at UIndy, I was surprised to see my professor take off one of his shoes and continue teaching because he felt his left foot was too warm. Another time, one of my professors used her toes to pick up a dropped pencil and she was pretty proud of that!

“I always thought professors were only serious and boring, but now I know that professors can also be funny and awesome.”

Q: Favorite place to hang out?

“I love UIndy’s free gym. I go running and swimming when I need a break from studying. The gym is always clean and it’s not crowded.”

Q: How do you like Indianapolis?

“Indianapolis is not as famous as New York City, but what I like here is that it has a quiet and friendly
environment. I feel it is a very nice city to live and study, and it’s quite safe compared with other cities.”

Q: What’s one thing that sets UIndy apart from other schools?

“UIndy has many students from all over the world and they take care of the international students very well. UIndy has an International Relations office and a special inter-national orientation, which are very helpful. UIndy also has a Celebration of the Flags every year to show respect for all the students and staff from other countries.”