Circle of life

Pumped to participate

Is it possible to be too involved at the University of Indianapolis?

Rodrigo Gonzalez, a UIndy marketing major from Van Nuys, California, sure didn’t think so. Rigo knew from the start that he wanted to immerse himself in campus life. Participating in more than 13 organizations and activities on campus during his college career, the 2012 grad feels he used his time here wisely. But of all his activities, the Circle K service organization was the one that touched him the most. In his three years with Circle K at UIndy, his favorite project was the volunteer work done by its more than 60 members for Gleaners Food Bank. And Circle K’s Large-Scale Service Project in St. Louis is something he’ll never forget about his time at UIndy. “It was so rewarding to work with other students on something that would make a real difference in people’s lives and communities,” Rigo says.