Q & A
‘Everything is new to me’

Dr. Robert L. Manuel, who has served as University president since July,  will be inaugurated at 2 p.m. March 21, 2013, in a special ceremony in UIndy’s Nicoson Hall. You are invited to join us in celebrating this milestone in the  University’s history. Dr. Manuel is only the ninth president in our 111-year history. For details about inauguration week, visit Meanwhile, get to know him in the Q & A below. And follow him on Twitter: @UIndyPrez.

Q: What attracted you to UIndy?

I notced that UIndy is a place that cares about students frst. Our faculty members engage the students, and every attmpt is made to help students fnd their own strengths. UIndy also promotes the concept  of service as a value. All of what  you learn is not just for yourself, but ultmately for the service of others.

Q: What advice do you have  for an incoming freshman?

I tell new students to take charge of their educaton. High school and college are very diferent, and you’re faced with a lot of choices when you arrive. But if you’re actve in your own educaton and get involved on campus, you’ll get a lot out of your tme here. We expect engaged students at UIndy, and we’ll help students to craft heir experience here in order to follow their pas-sions and dreams.

Q: What have been a few of your highlights from the past year?

I’ve really enjoyed all the opportunities I’ve had to meet faculty, staf, and students. I’ve loved talking to them about the future of the University and hearing about their dreams. I’ve also enjoyed being part of the actvites and traditons on campus, such as Homecoming and Midnight Breakfast during fnal exams.

Q: What extra activities do you enjoy on campus?

I’m attnding many sportng events and enjoy attending artstc events in the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center with my family. It’s been great to eat in the cafeteria with students. There are so many events on campus that being bored is never an opton. I also serve as an advisor to a  new student group on campus called Tri-Fit, which is a group of people who are training for a triathlon, another love of mine.

Q: Has anything surprised you about your frst year?

Everything is new to me, much like it is for a new student. There is so much to do, and you really have to make choices and decide what is the most meaningful to you. I recommend soaking it all in and taking advantage of as much as possible.

Q: What do you like to do for fun?

I love photography. Most of my life revolves around my three kids, so photography turned into a way to document their lives. I used to play in a band, and I stll love to play  music and listen to it. I’ve played piano my whole life, and clarinet and bass, and now I’m picking up the guitar and banjo. I’m an avid sports fan and love watching the teams at UIndy. I also have accounts on Twitter and Facebook and have enjoyed using them to chat with students.”

Q: What are you looking forward  to in your second year?

Right now, I’m looking forward to my frst UIndy graduaton in May. I’m excited about being even more involved in the college experience and planning to make UIndy’s future even better.

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