Making it count

Going to college is the first step toward advancing your career, but it’s what you do while you’re there that can make or break your future. Ananya Khan is a University of Indianapolis senior majoring in international business and global leadership and minoring in economics. She’s the perfect example of a UIndy student who has taken full advantage of every opportunity that came her way during her college years. Throughout her tenure at the  University, she’s been involved in a number of activities and organizations, all of which have significanty enhanced her résumé and led to even more opportunities. For Ananya, of Terre Haute, Indiana, that’s meant keeping her suitcase packed for another adventure.

A capital idea

Ananya is a part of UIndy’s prestigious Honors College, which made it possible for her to study in Washington, D.C. for a semester at American University. She spent her time at American with 25 other international students, including scholars from Colombia, France, and Germany. “The D.C. program essentially took me to a whole new level in my  career path,” Ananya says. “And being with students from  all around the world created that international feel.” The students in the Washington program attended seminars around the city, learning about the infrastructures of businesses, from small nonprofits to Wall Street corporations.  They had the opportunity to meet with a number of politically influential people, including the Council of Economic Advisors  for the White House. “We were assigned reading and  then visited people who are a part of policy making in terms of the laws,” Ananya says. “We got a comprehensive understanding of politics and business.  It was not just theory, it was application, and I got a sizable stash of business cards for a rainy day.” Another opportunity Ananya has taken advantage of during her college career was an internship at the Department of Commerce, and she has been offered a job there upon her graduation from UIndy in May.

Ananya-2Far East experience

Again through the Honors College, Ananya seized an opportunity to travel to China for three weeks.  She was able to meet influential officials while there, including members of the Hong Kong government.  She also developed the premise for her honors project, required of Honors College students, from her experience in China.“My project is to establish internships in China through the networks I made there,” Ananya says.  “I will develop a curriculum for when other UIndy business students go to China for an internship. “This is something I’m really passionate about and I couldn’t imagine doing another topic for my project.” Following her journey to China, Ananya visited Japan for two weeks to study the lingering effects of the atomic bombs, dropped in 1945 during World War II, on the people and the economy. She was also  able to observe the similarities and differences between the Chinese  and Japanese cultures. Ananya completed her UIndy coursework in December. But as her collegiate career draws to a close, there was still one more significant learning opportunity ahead of her.

Dream comes true

As a member of the Honors College, she was eligible to apply for a scholarship to Oxford University’s Harris Manchester College, covering tuition and room and board for a term. “Studying at Oxford [University] is something I have dreamt about since day one at UIndy,” she says.  “As soon as I entered the University and knew there was an opportunity to go to Oxford, I wanted to go for it.  That’s been my ambition and my goal and I’m really surprised and happy that I got it.”

Ananya began her Oxford odyssey in January and will study there until March with a rigorous course schedule. Her primary course requires 30 hours per week, and the secondary one 16 hours. When she returns to the U.S.,  she’ll prepare to present her honors project on campus in April. But she’s not about to rest on her laurels. Her new ambition? Securing a White House internship and working for the first lady, Michelle Obama. We like her odds.

—Ariana Gainer ’14