Q & A
Rio native is in the swim

Q & A with senior Julia Madeira

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Major: International Relations & Business Administration
Campus activities: Women’s swim team & student ambassador
Fun fact: “My high school in Rio had monkeys in it.”

Q: What attracted you to UIndy?

A: “The University is one of high repute, which is a big plus for me. I also liked that the class sizes are smaller, so I wouldn’t feel so lost in the crowd. The Admissions people were really nice, too.”


Q: Have a favorite Indy spot?

A: “love the downtown canal—it’s so calming to walk around when the weather is nice. One of my favorite places to go is Goose the Market” [a chef-owned specialty food market located downtown].


Q: What are the biggest differences between Indy and Rio?

A: “Rio is much bigger and not as organized as Indianapolis, while Indy is much calmer and easier to get around. The biggest difference absolutely is the weather! When I first got here I didn’t own a winter coat, so I had to buy some when winter came. My freshman year was the first time I had seen snow in a long time. It was 5:45. We were walking to morning practice and it started snowing. I started skipping around and shouting to my friend Regina, ‘It’s snowing!’”


Q: Do you have a campus job?

A: “I work in the Office of Admissions, talking to prospective international students.”


Q: Have a standout UIndy memory?

A: “Oh gosh, that’s a hard one! I’ve really had so much happen. I guess if I had to choose, I’d say the swim team memories are my favorites. My favorite swim memory is from sophomore year. We won the 200 free relay, beat our school record, and we got the A cut. But as I said, I have so many good memories it’s hard to pinpoint one.”


Q: What do you like about the profs?

A: “We have a lot of discussions in class, and the class sizes are small so I feel like we can learn more. One of the things I love about professors here is how much they’re willing to help their students.”


Q: Have any favorites?

A: “Dr. Milind Thakar from International Relations is my favorite professor here. When we took IREL 101 my freshman year, I couldn’t relate to the topic so much, but he made it so interesting that I felt more engaged in my work. It helped me in my adjustment here. In the business school there are also some professors I like, such as Dr. Jodie Ferise. There are so many classes I’ve taken with her, and she’s such a good professor.”


Q: Favorite UIndy tradition?

A: “After the President’s Convocation at the beginning of the year, the professors line up to clap for us, which I think is a good tradition. I also love the senior swim meets.”