Too perplexed to pick

Ever wonder how students finally decide on a school, with so many colleges and universities to choose from? It’s truly a difficult choice. There are tons of factors to consider, but keep in mind the importance of a campus visit. It’s the best possible way to gauge whether a particular place is right for you. Two incoming freshmen were happy to tell us about how they ultimately chose the University of Indianapolis.

Blogging the search

Kylee Crane was editor of her high school newspaper last year and an intern for the Elkhart Truth newspaper in Elkhart, Indiana. As early as November of 2012, readers began to follow her journey through the daunting process of selecting the right college. In her blog on the Truth’s website, “Turning the Next Page,” Kylee detailed all the factors weighing on her mind.

For example, she wanted a strong communication program to study broadcast journalism. She visited several campuses and was accepted by more than one institution. But finally, Kylee revealed her number one choice: UIndy.

“I am so excited to announce that I will be a Greyhound at the University of Indianapolis next fall!” she wrote. Why UIndy? Its location in a major media market, with easy access to internships and job prospects, was only one factor.

“The beautiful campus and the great communications building were all positives. I had the wonderful opportunity to talk to Dean Huppert from Fox 28,” Kylee wrote. “He actually found out about my blog from a friend who works at UIndy and started to read it himself (uhm, how sweet is that?!). He got in contact with me to talk about his college experiences, since he had graduated from UIndy.

“Talking to Dean about his experience at UIndy solidified my decision. Everything he enjoyed about communications and the school is exactly what I was looking for and also why I was leaning toward the school anyway.”

Interested in reading her blog? Check it out here.

Athletics + academics

CJayCJay Sanders had both academics and athletics to consider. He first heard about UIndy from high school friends who attended. He visited in 2010 and fell in love with the place immediately. “Free laundry, free parking—how can you beat that? The food and the activities on Smith Mall were hard to pass up as well. There was an instant connection.”

After being accepted to a dozen universities and seriously considering five of them, it was a tough decision. The schools included both private and public institutions that dotted the U.S. map from Arizona to Wisconsin. Being unsure about the athletics component at first put him in a difficult position with so many options to choose from. But after deciding that he couldn’t pass up a chance to play football in college, he was able to narrow down the list of schools. He came for a football visit his senior year. That’s when he realized UIndy was the perfect place to play. But he still had to evaluate the academic side. He had decided to major in psychology after watching “Criminal Minds” for years on TV.

“I want to learn what processes lead people to think the way they do,” CJay says.

So when visiting UIndy’s campus, he arranged to sit in on a psychology class, and that clinched it. Having a minor in criminal justice will also help him achieve his ultimate career goal.

“Deciding between schools was probably the most frustrating thing I’ve ever had to do. God had it all planned out, though, and UIndy is truly a perfect fit for me.”