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Pretty much from your first day at UIndy, right at the beginning of Orientation Week, you’ll start getting to know Kory Vitangeli [pronounced viTANjalee].

Kory, vice president for student and campus affairs and dean of students, heads up a cadre of staffers who are here to help things run smoothly for you. That includes all student and residence life activities, campus security, and the health and counseling center, among other things.

“My job is to serve as an advocate for students,” Kory says. “I serve as a resource for students and help the University create policy and procedures for the students’ welfare. I also have to intervene in situations in which students need assistance or intervention, and work with their parents and families on a regular basis.”

That means she’s incredibly busy, but you’d never guess it from her demeanor. She’s apparently unflappable, handling countless responsibilities and making time for the fun stuff, too, which has endeared her to the students who look to her for help and leadership. For example, Kory agreed to dye her hair if lots of students came to the president’s March inauguration.

“Probably the most bizarre thing I’ve done so far was getting my hair dyed red in front of students in the dining hall,” she says.

That kind of thing may be why she has hundreds of followers on Twitter. You’ll find she sends lots of tweets and retweets.

“I love Twitter!” Kory says. “I’d used it personally for a long time before I switched over to an account with my UIndy position. Twitter is a great way to communicate and advertise things that are happening on campus. It’s also allowed me to connect with students in a different way. There are some students who may not be good about reading email, and I know that they’re still getting the information through Twitter.”

“It also allows me to keep a pulse on things that are happening from the student perspective. My goal is to have more Twitter followers than @UIndyPrez, so everyone should follow me on Twitter at @UIndyDean!”

Kory encourages students to stay open-minded when they come to college and to try new things. “College will be busy,” she says. “You’re transitioning to a different type of classes as well as a more independent lifestyle.”

But don’t try to just hunker down, limiting yourself to classes and studying during all your waking hours.

“Your freshman year will be the time to get involved in as much as you can so that you can figure out where your involvement and interests lie. You can then pare down from there and get into a routine that balances out academics and involvement. Keeping things fun, staying focused, and not getting stressed are the keys to being successful,” Kory says. “The more you are involved, the more you will feel connected.”