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You may be wondering whether, with all the classes and studying and internships and career planning and preparation, you’ll have a minute to enjoy college life. No question about it. You’re going to have the time of your life. For one thing, there will be a thousand impromptu occasions to have fun: new friends from all over the world, late-night pizza runs, Frisbees on the lawn, exploring downtown, and going to games (UIndy has 21 intercollegiate sports to choose from). Plus, there are 56 recognized student organizations on campus.

You can also start activities of your own. In fact, in the past academic year, a couple of new ones debuted: UIndy Fit and Muggle Quidditch.

Healthy Hounds

UIndy Fit was organized to help you stay in shape and make some new friends. Join up and you might even get a chance to work out with UIndy’s president! Dr. Rob Manuel, University of Indianapolis president, and Nate Ridgway, a history education major, came up with the idea of creating a club for UIndy students, faculty, and staff to make fitness more accessible.

President Manuel, the club’s adviser and a triathlon veteran, says the club has two purposes: promoting a healthy lifestyle and making social connections.

“The one thing that we’re hoping that this club will accomplish more than anything is for people to feel that we are welcoming. Sometimes it’s hard to train alone. We want to be there for any student who needs that additional motivation of working with others.”

To organize people and help them choose a specific workout plan, multiple groups were created, including weightlifting, running, swimming, yoga, and more. Nate Ridgway is president of UIndy Fit, and he and the executive board theme the workouts around mentoring time for those individuals seeking help in specific areas.

“We have phone numbers that anyone can call at any time,” Nate says. “And if they want to learn a new sport, then they can call up that particular mentor.”

UIndy Fit holds year-yound fitness activities for training and conditioning, and the event names are pretty much guaranteed to get attention: the Nearly Naked Mile, the Big Dawg on Campus obstacle course, and, coming this fall, UIndy’s First Annual Zombie 2-Mile Race.

“What people are going to be most scared of is thinking that they won’t be able to get themselves motivated and do it, but the thing is, they can. And after a few months of training, they know they can,” Nate says.

There also has been talk of setting up a competitive club team, Nate says, but this will be a long-term goal.

“We would like to set up a UIndy competitive club team with other schools in the Indianapolis area. We’ve even discussed team names.”

UIndy’s school colors are crimson and grey, so the club decided on the name “Crimson Rush.” For more information about UIndy Fit, look for them on Facebook and Twitter or send an email to Nate has issued a challenge.

“I dare you to see how strong you are,” he says. “You will really see what you are made of when you do something like this.”

Potter people


On September 28, Harry Potter fans on campus were sporting their favorite wizarding gear. But not for a book release or movie marathon. No, it was a Muggle Quidditch tournament held on Smith Mall. Anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films is familiar with the game of Quidditch.

If you’re not among them, brace yourself for an explanation: Traditionally, there are seven players on each team. The game is played with four balls: the Quaffle, two Bludgers, and the Golden Snitch.

In Harry’s world, the game is played while flying on brooms. (The “Muggle,” or non-wizard, version is played on foot.) On each side of the field are three hoops; the players are supposed to throw the Quaffle through them to score ten points.
The Bludger is used to knock people off their brooms or knock the Quaffle out of their hands; the Flying Snitch is a small, fast golden ball that is worth 150 points and, when captured, ends the game.

We’re not done.

Each team has a Keeper, who blocks the hoops. The three Chasers are the scorers and the two Beaters have bats with which they hit the Bludger to protect their teammates and aim at the other team. The Seeker is appointed the job of catching the Snitch.

In Muggle Quidditch, a human snitch runs around trying to elude capture. In a nod to the wizard version, the players do carry brooms around during the game. Freshman molecular biology major Scottie Manners participated in the event.

“As great as Muggle Quidditch is,” Scottie says, “it cannot compare to the real thing for Harry Potter fans.” Most of the players took the field wearing shirts and shorts, but one player wore his Gryffindor cloak and tie, adding to the atmosphere. Meanwhile, those on the sidelines were able to buy such Harry-themed treats as butterbeer, pumpkin pasties, and chocolate frogs as the Harry Potter theme music played in the background.

—with Kylie Sheets ’16 & Taylor Yarling ’16

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