Two views: the freshman experience

In “Too perplexed to pick,” an article in Inside UIndy’s summer issue, two incoming freshmen offered some insight into how they chose the University of Indianapolis.

Kylee Crane and CJay Sanders are UIndy students now. At press time, they were just a few weeks into the fall semester. But this glimpse of their early experiences might provide a clue as to what your first few weeks might be like.


Kylee had blogged about her college search process for her hometown paper, the Elkhart (Ind.) Truth. She wrote that she was excited to have finally made her college choice and eager to finish high school. She then began preparing for the start of her freshman year at UIndy. Deciding what to take from home and what to leave behind can be quite time-consuming, she says. Preparing for college takes some effort: completing paperwork, planning dorm life with roommates, and getting finances in order. Kylee also worked to save some extra money.

The hardest thing for her was saying goodbye to her friends and family. In July, her little sister was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer. Kylee considered staying home with her but knew that not coming to the University of Indianapolis would be a mistake, so she continued on her journey of becoming a college student.

Diving right in

When move-in day arrived, Kylee was filled with emotions—stress, excitement, nervousness. After settling into her room, she said goodbye to her family and jumped into the Welcome Week activities with the rest of the Class of 2017. With huge icebreakers at Play Fair, making s’mores, and competing in Texas Hold ’Em at Monte Carlo Night, the week was jam-packed with fun, she says. Another perk was that she was able to get to know many of the other freshmen at these events, including her roommates. She was also able to learn about academics through department meetings, where students met their professors, asked questions, and met some of their classmates. With all the events of Welcome Week and her first week of classes, Kylee had little downtime—and even less time to be homesick.

“If Welcome Week was any indication of what the rest of my time here at the University of Indianapolis will be like,” Kylee says, “then I know I will have the time of my life! My first weeks have been a fantastic adventure and I cannot wait for the opportunities that lie ahead of me as a Greyhound.”

And speaking of Greyhounds: CJay’s first weeks, as a member of the football team, were a bit different.

The student-athlete

CJay’s summer was slightly shorter than Kylee’s; he came to campus a week early to practice with the team. A linebacker, he spent most of his time with the team (ranked #12 in Division II) at practices. When he wasn’t on the field or in the weight room, he could be found in meetings with professors and coaches or in the cafeteria with his teammates. Having football practice and curfew during Welcome Week meant CJay couldn’t participate in all of the activities; however, he was able to watch the annual movie outdoors on Smith Mall the night before classes started.

CJay is still adjusting to college life. He had the same classes every day in high school, so having several different classes each day has been a big change. He spends mornings and afternoons in class, then goes to practice before hitting the books for a few hours. CJay and his teammates go to study tables after practice for two hours, Monday through Thursday.

“I have to devote more time for homework in college, but these study tables make the difference,” he says.

CJay’s and Kylee’s experiences are different, but they’re both proud and excited to be Greyhounds. Have questions about what your experience might be like? Write us at