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Alex B. creates connections to students & faculty
Creating connections

Q & A with Alex Beauford, UIndy Class of ‘14

Major: Communication—Public Relations

Campus involvement: “I was involved with PRSSA (the Public Relations Student Society of America), the UIndy Baroque Ensemble, some string quartets on campus, the Reflector, and Top Dog Communication.”

Fun fact: “I lived in Israel and I am fluent in Hebrew. I also volunteer at a high school and teach orchestra privately to kids.”


Q: Why did you decide to attend UIndy?

A: “It was important for me to choose a school that was going to take a chance on me. I was kind of an average student in high school, but now it’s four years later and I’m going to graduate.”

Q: Have you always known that you were going to major in PR?

A: “I always wanted to do music my entire life, although I realized I didn’t care to practice as often as required. During high school I shadowed the director of public relations with Indianapolis Public Schools, and then decided to major in public relations.”

Q: Tell us about your internships.

A: “I interned with IPS [Indianapolis Public Schools] two summers in a row, both of which were paid. I interned last semester with Shank Public Relations counselors, which was also paid, and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. These were all PR internships, but from very different angles. I was also able to do some work with the Lillian Davis foundation.”

Q: What are your plans once you’ve graduated from UIndy?

A: “I’m moving to Colorado Springs, where I’m going to be working at a PR firm. This is going to be the first time I moved out of Indianapolis for any extended period.”

Q: Who’s been your best mentor or favorite professor at UIndy?

A: “Communication professor Rebecca Deemer. I can text her at four in the morning and ask her a question. She will likely wake up and text me back. You learn a lot about professors when you have them in a more casual and less academic setting.”

Q: What is your favorite memory from your time here at UIndy?

A: “Last year I was able to travel with Top Dog Communications/PRSSA to Philadelphia for the national conference. We drove there, with me doing a lot of the driving, and had a lot of fun. We laughed and sang pretty much all the way there—and we were crying when we won top firm in the nation. I loved getting to travel with Rebecca and my peers.”

Q: Your mom raised you by herself. What was the biggest life lesson you learned from her?

A: “My mother always stressed the importance of talking to everyone because you never know who’s going to lead you to the next opportunity. Several months before graduation, I had a job lined up, and I credit that to talking to people and making connections. I’d say that’s the best piece of advice she’s ever given me.”

Q: What advice would you give to incoming freshmen or current students?

A: “Take advantage of every resource on campus. Through traveling with student organizations, I was able to make connections, and
I stay in contact with those people. And don’t just make the contacts; keep up with them. Go out to lunch with them or take a walk on their lunch break. They know the people and have the skill sets that can help you help yourself.”

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