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Giving yourself a professional edge

Do you feel comfortable meeting and talking to business professionals? Do you know how your interests and strengths translate into a career? Do you know the many professional options you might have, even in one career such as nursing? Or how about knowing proper manners for a business lunch? If not, don’t worry–the Professional Edge Center at UIndy is here to help you address those questions and more, beginning in your first year at UIndy, and Corey Wilson will be here to help, too.

Corey knows the value of learning “soft skills” such as how to network, how to run a meeting, or how to write a cover letter, but he had to learn the skills on his own.

“I waited until the second semester of my senior year to visit the career services office,” he says. “No one told me about the importance of knowing those skills, so I had to learn by trial and error. But thanks to this comprehensive and unique Center, we can give students constructive feedback and direction before they get out into the real world.”

Corey came to UIndy last December as associate vice president for the Center, which provides students and recent graduates with opportunities for networking with business professionals, mentoring, internships, service, coaching, skill enhancement, panel discussions—even etiquette dinners—to prepare them to move smoothly from their studies into employment with a real edge over other college graduates. The Center was launched last year when the campus community was looking for more ways to connect students and alumni along with increased chances for students to meet and learn from potential employers.

“Alumni are great connections to business leaders and can be a great resource for students,” Corey explains. He also stresses the importance of each student having a LinkedIn account, saying that “it’s not just for old people. Having a LinkedIn account is a chance to network with business professionals,” he says, “and you can be adding your skills, classes, and volunteer experiences to it during your time at UIndy. You don’t want to wait until your senior year to start building your profile.”

Overall, Corey describes the Center as a professional but fun way to help students develop business savvy and professional confidence.

“A lot of times ‘professional’ and ‘fun’ don’t go together,” he explains, “but we are hoping to change that perspective. Come see us right away as a freshman and get engaged. It’ll be helpful whether you go to graduate school or into a career, and by senior year, you’ll have the skills you need, not just to succeed but also to stand out.”