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Q & A with Jeff Weiss

Major: Nursing

Campus involvement: Wrestling for four years; volunteer coaching; resident assistant for Warren Hall.

Favorite UIndy traditions: Homecoming festivities and the Midnight Breakfast offered during finals week.

Q: Why did you choose UIndy?

A: I was recruited to the wrestling team and started to look at my career options. I wanted to choose a career where I could help people. I considered criminal justice but decided to study nursing. UIndy has a top nursing program and a high success rate. Now I find myself wondering how anyone can not know about this place! It’s been a great educational experience.

Q: How did you manage your academics and campus activities?

A: Time management is the key. I knew I had to stay focused to stay on top of everything and be successful. I was involved with campus activities, athletics, academics, and nursing clinicals, which all kept me busy. In a way, it was easy to stay focused because I enjoyed being a part of all of these things.

Q: What did you find to be your best study technique?

A: A group of friends and I would gather a couple days before a big test and we would all study independently. Then if one of us had a question, we were surrounded by people who were able to help.

Q: Do you feel that you have grown as a person while attending UIndy?

A: I have grown so much and learned more than I had ever imagined possible.

Also, I have met so many people. When I first started at UIndy, the only person I knew was my roommate. Now, four years later, I have created so many friendships and made so many connections with people I hope to stay in touch with.

Q: How do you feel UIndy has prepared you for life after graduation?

A: I have had a lot of valuable networking opportunities, especially in nursing school, that will help me after graduation.

UIndy schedules nursing clinicals at surrounding hospitals so that we can see real-life scenarios of what it would be like to work there. It was a learning experience that’s helped prepare me for what my future career will look like.

Q: What are your career plans?

A: I plan to stay in the Indianapolis area, and I hope to still be involved with UIndy, possibly by serving as a volunteer wrestling coach.

As for my nusing degree, I hope to work at IU Methodist. I have been involved with job shadowing at that facility and I completed my senior capstone project there.

Q: How would you describe UIndy?

A: It is a great place. Now is a perfect time to be at UIndy because of all the changes taking place, especially if you’re looking to enter into a health field career. The new health pavilion looks really cool and will be a great addition to the campus community. The UIndy administrators are active and involved with the student body, which is also great!

Q: Do you want to leave any advice for students considering UIndy?

A: It’s easy to make connections and meet new people. Take advantage of the opportunities that are offered! Make sure you study, relax, and remember to have fun!

—Shelby Ennis ’16