Working the opportunities — Professional Edge Center

New center helps students to get ready for life after college

Meet the roommate. Move in. Go to class. Graduate and get an awesome job. Right?

Graduation may seem like it’s an eternity away when you start college. Your first year is unlike any experience you’ve had, and it’s easy to get caught up in that experience without thinking about that career that seems so far away. But just what can you do with an English degree? Or how do you find a job if you’re a chemistry major? The good news is that when you arrive at UIndy, you’ll have a resource available that will help you get ready for life after college.

The Professional Edge Center is a resource that will help you navigate your way to a happy and successful career after graduation. It will connect you to professionals working in careers related to UIndy’s major programs and offers an insider’s view of the many options you might have for a career.

A head start

“It starts the moment a student steps on campus,” says Corey Wilson, associate vice president of Professional Edge.

Unlike traditional Career Services programs, UIndy’s Professional Edge Center focuses on helping all students, from freshmen to seniors, find internships, polish résumés, sharpen interview skills, and everything in between. The Professional Edge Center’s goal is to equip you with the resources, education, and contacts you need to help you find the career you’ll enjoy. This means giving you opportunities to meet accomplished UIndy alumni from your major to explore career possibilities. It means having community service opportunities available to help you grow and gain new insights. And it means having workshops and panels that bring local professionals to campus to offer you guidance on networking, career decisions, and leadership.

A lasting career

Junior Emily Tucker is a double major in history and secondary education and also works for the Professional Edge Center.

“All the members of the Professional Edge Center team go the extra mile,” Emily says. “The earlier you get involved with them, the sooner you become a part of the family. Even if you can’t meet them on campus, they’ll come meet you.”

The help the Center provides goes beyond just helping you figure out a career path. You can get help picking a major, too. By matching your interests, passions, and skills with actual jobs, experts at the Center can help you discover majors you might never have considered.

Here to help

PEC-6“I thought that all I needed was to get into college, and then everything would be solved,” says Nicole Martinez-LeGrand of the Professional Edge Center.

But she realized that in order to fulfill her goals, she needed to do more than get her degree. Combining education with plenty of real-world learning experiences and good networking brought her the opportunities she found on the job market.  It’s that combination of networking and on-the-job learning that the Center wants to provide for UIndy students from day one. It’s about matching education with experience and networking with students, alumni, and potential employers to help students develop their own career path.

“The University does a great job of helping you with what you know,” says Corey Wilson. “The Professional Edge Center helps you with whom you know.”