Q & A
Beaming with UIndy Pride

Q & A with Anthony Jackson ’15

Major: Psychology

Favorite UIndy tradition: The annual Drag Show! I always enjoy seeing people perform and set up for it. Since I am involved in planning the event, I take a lot of pride in it. The show always has so many fans, and we raise quite a bit of money for a charity that does AIDS research.

Q: Why did you choose UIndy?

A: I moved to Indianapolis 14 years ago and love downtown and the fun it has to offer. When looking at colleges, I wanted to stay in Indy for my mom, and also saw how reputable UIndy was. I also really enjoyed my campus tour when I came for a visit!

Q: How have you grown through your time at UIndy?

A: UIndy has been a great place to meet people and develop as a person and worker. I was timid at first but became more outgoing my sophomore year. UIndy has made me realize that I need to become a more open and happy person. I have become more independent and outspoken throughout the years.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a resident assistant?

A: I love being able to help my residents when they need it. My residents are the best and I love interacting with them. A year is never enough time to spend with them. I enjoy putting on programs for them and providing homework or school help.

Q: Who has been your role model at UIndy?

A: My first residence director, Dylan Neel. He has been so helpful in my development as a resident assistant and student, and his professionalism and work ethic make me want to be a better worker and person.

Q: What clubs are you a part of?

A: I attend some UIndy Gamers meetings and am co-chair of UIndy Pride. Our organization does a great job of connecting the UIndy community to the LGBT community. We show people that we are just people who want equality and are capable of loving.

Q: How did you choose your major?

A: Psychology has always been an interest of mine, and I wanted to do something that helped people. Psychology is a great major to have because it applies to many different career paths.

Q: What prompted you to do your master’s at UIndy as well?

A: The master’s program in Strategic Leadership and Design is about leadership, and that is something that I enjoy. I want to be a great leader and work in higher education. I believe this would be a great avenue for me. I also love UIndy, which was another reason for me staying here.

Q: What are some of the perks of a small campus?

A: A small campus is what I love, and I came here mainly for that reason. It is great to know that I can go to an event and know most of the people there. I enjoy the scene more when I can meet people and then see them a few hours later. You can share experiences with many more people, since you have a chance to make lots of friends at a small school.

Q: What advice do you have for prospective students?

A: Be prepared to have a great time! There are so many things that you should do in college to fill your résumé. That is an important part of college, but you have to have fun too. I think all students should have a balance of social life and school work. It is so easy on our campus to get out and meet people and have a great time here.

—Sarvaani Thalakala ’18