A warm welcome

Easing the transition for UIndy freshmen


It’s freshman Move-In Day at UIndy, and the sun is barely up when herds of faculty, staff, and students in matching brightly colored shirts start to spread across campus, waiting for the carloads of excited freshmen and their families to arrive.

And when they do, the most amazing thing happens: smiling volunteers swarm each car to greet the families and haul armloads of boxes, TVs, fridges, and everything else imaginable into the residence halls, climbing and re-climbing flights of stairs, and generally putting UIndy’s hospitality into action.

“I remember pulling up to my residence hall, and people just came to my car to help me get my stuff into my room and even unpack,” says sophomore Taylor Smith.

“It was all done within 15 minutes! We all come in thinking we’re going to be intimidated by upperclassmen, but they were so friendly and helpful. It really helped me to understand the kind of community that UIndy represents.”

Midnight shopping

Move-In Day is just the start of a tradition at UIndy called Welcome Week. The goal is to help incoming freshmen integrate into campus life as easily as possible—with a good dose of fun mixed in.

welcome week-7The week starts off with Playfair, an energy-packed, hour-long event that puts the entire incoming class under one roof, playing icebreakers and getting to know each other.

“Playfair was definitely my favorite part of Welcome Week,” says freshman Ariel Hicks.

“I realized that walking up to someone and introducing yourself isn’t as terrifying as it may seem. I met tons of people, and Welcome Week allowed me to make friends and meet people before school even started, which was great.”

Before long, everyone hops on buses to take part in Midnight Madness, a late-night trip to the neighborhood Target in order for students to get last-minute essentials for their new rooms. The store is open only to UIndy students, and music, games, and giveaways make the night even more fun.

Exploring Indy


Being at UIndy means getting to know the city as well, and an event created by Indiana Humanities helps with that. The organization holds a Saturday scavenger hunt that takes all of the new UIndy Greyhounds downtown in a competition that helps them explore the many hidden gems Indianapolis has to offer and learn a bit more about their community.

UIndy also offers events that help new students to learn about the resources on campus, meet professors, and get to know their resident assistants.

The goal of all these activities? Making sure our new freshmen feel absolutely at home from the minute they step onto campus!

By Sarvaani Thalakala ’18