Fall 2015
Building the future

Visiting campus is a fun and exciting part of searching for a school. You get to sample the food, check out a residence hall, and chat with students and professors. And if you’ve been on a tour of UIndy lately, it’s hard to ignore the transformations that are taking place on campus.

The big picture


The new projects and buildings are part of the Vision 2030 Strategic Plan, a comprehensive plan spearheaded by UIndy President Robert Manuel two years ago. Ideas were collected from students, alumni, faculty, staff, and the community to shape a vision for UIndy’s future that would provide hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for students to collaborate with faculty in state-of-the-art facilities.

Even with all the construction work and dust, students are excited about the changes. “I feel that the new additions to campus will provide more space for students to do hands-on and collaborative work in a suitable environment,” says Katie Beverly, a senior biology major. “Hands-on experience has been one of the most valuable aspects of my UIndy education.”

UIndy Health Pavilion HP-2

New to the south side of campus is the UIndy Health Pavilion, where it is perhaps easiest to see UIndy’s hands-on focus at work. The four-story structure is the home for all of the University’s health sciences programs, providing unprecedented resources and opportunities for students to interact and learn side-by-side.

On the ground floor is a comfortable auditorium for guest lectures and presentations on the future of the healthcare industry. A new café provides students and faculty a relaxed atmosphere in which to connect and recharge. State-of-the-art equipment in student labs prepares students for work in advanced healthcare facilities.

Perhaps most exciting is UIndy’s partnership with Community Health Network, which operates an outpatient clinic right in the health pavilion. Students will get the chance to work in the clinic, gaining a considerable advantage over the competition and unparalleled perspective on the demands and opportunities available to them in the wide and diverse healthcare industry.

Krannert Memorial Library

Library-1Next up is Krannert Memorial Library, the heart of the campus. Traditionally, it’s where we’d find students camped out at
tables among rows of bookshelves, surrounded by open reference materials and glowing computer screens. With recent renovations, however, we find a facility that has been transformed to keep up with the needs of students in a digital, collaborative learning environment.

Visitors to the library will find two floors dedicated to group work and social learning. The space is designed so that students can move furniture and plug computers into large displays. The entire front façade of the library has been updated, too, offering students plenty of natural light and a view of Smith Mall.

Oh, and if all that studying works up an appetite, a brand-new café with food service and Starbucks products is located on the ground floor to keep students going.

Greyhound Village


Where outdated campus apartments once stood, new living facilities promise resident students all the amenities of off-campus living just feet from their classrooms.

Set to open at the start of the 2016 academic year, Greyhound Village will be a sight to behold. Think suites, with models ranging from one to four bedrooms. Private bathrooms for each bedroom. Balconies overlooking the water. Outdoor courtyards and recreation areas.

“I’m excited to live in the campus apartments next year!” says Rolando Mendoza, a junior biology major with a pre-optometry focus. “It makes you feel like you are living off campus, without having to drive to get to class, plus it’s fun to live in a brand-new building!”

What’s next?

Each new incoming freshman class brings a broad spectrum of needs, interests, and passions, and it’s UIndy’s goal to continue developing right alongside its community. Even more exciting is what will come to UIndy’s campus over the next several years as it serves as an anchor within the community. With Indianapolis’ first rapid transit system set to connect UIndy to Fountain Square, downtown, and Broad Ripple, students will have access to the entire city just outside their door.

As for what happens after that, you’ll just have to stick around to find out!

Ryan Brock ’10