Fall 2015
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UIndy grad now manages social media for the #IndianapolisColts

A lot of students making the transition from high school to college assume there is just one way to make a career out of what they love. However, UIndy students quickly find that there are many paths and possibilities.

Amber Derrow ’15 started at UIndy as a physical therapy student, but ended up with a degree in communication instead. Public relations was never on her radar. She had only dabbled in it in high school, helping her football team’s video—a remake of Glee’s rendition of “Single Ladies”—go viral.

But when she started classes in athletic training at UIndy, she felt like something was missing. She wondered if another program might suit her passions better. One thing led to another, and one day, Amber found herself on the Communication Department’s website.

“The description jumped off of the screen at me,” she says. “I emailed communication Professor Rebecca Deemer to learn more. I changed my major the day after.”

Making the cut

Amber Derrow-1Fast-forward to October of Amber’s senior year. During an internship with a PR agency, she learned of a digital media internship with the Indianapolis Colts. Amber applied for the position and had an interview scheduled within half an hour. By the next day, she had an offer on the table.

Her class schedule, however, was complicated. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to accept the job. She went to her professors to discuss the opportunity and they worked with her to be able to fulfill her class requirements and still take the internship.

“Our professors have always emphasized how important real-world experiences are,” she explains. “So they worked with me to build a new class schedule. It was really the beginning of my career with the Colts.”

Terrific timing

She began her internship, and soon after, the position of social media coordinator opened up. Amber thought nothing of it since she was still in school, but her supervisors had noticed her talent and passion and made her an offer. Two months before graduation, she accepted the position and hasn’t looked back.

Now Amber runs all of the Indianapolis Colts’ social media platforms. If you’re a follower of the Colts, you’ve seen Amber’s work come to life on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, and Kik accounts. Each day, her posts engage with thousands of fans across the country and promote the Colts’ brand. Amber posts player highlights, game reels, important team/NFL news, and information on special events.

“Knowing that I was able to pursue this awesome opportunity because of the incredible understanding and support of my professors at UIndy means so much to me.”

Interacting with players is an exciting part of the job, and having inside access to games, practices, and more gives Amber an out-of-this-world feeling every morning as she steps into Lucas Oil Stadium to begin work for the day.

Staying social online isn’t all she does, though. She also works closely with big companies on contests and promotions at home games at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Amber would be the first to say that she couldn’t have made the cut with the Colts without the guidance and education she received from her professors at UIndy.

“I would attribute everything I know to those great people leading the Communication Department,” says Amber. “Professor Darryl Clark can teach almost anyone to speak in front of a crowd, and that confidence became important for me as I walk the same halls as these incredible NFL players.”

In a growing city like Indy, there’s opportunity for every student to build a dream career. What was most important to Amber was that she was able to begin her exciting career with the Indianapolis Colts while still in school.

“I love everything about my job,” she says, “Knowing that I was able to pursue this awesome opportunity because of the incredible understanding and support of my professors at UIndy means so much to me.”

Nate Brock ’13