Spring 2016
Congratulations, Councilor!

Recent alumna becomes youngest winner in city history


This snapshot shows the moment when Elizabeth and her boyfriend, Grant Churchill, heard that she had won the race. “It’s my new favorite photo!” she says. “I am proud to be forever a Greyhound!”

History was made November 3, 2015, when Elizabeth Wheeler ’13 became the youngest councilor in history for the city of Lawrence (just outside of Indianapolis) in Marion County. She also became the first female Democrat to win in her district (Lawrence Council District 6), garnering 52 percent of the votes for an upset win.

“I am most excited about being a part of history,” says Elizabeth. “Making history means that my community trusts me to move them forward, and I am ready to make them proud.”

As a Greyhound, Elizabeth excelled in her work with the campus’s nationally ranked student newspaper, the Reflector, as well as with the top student-run public relations firm in the nation, Top Dog Communication.

She posted a tribute in the online UIndy alumni group. “It is because of Top Dog that I was able to dive in head first and run this campaign.”

As a new councilor, Elizabeth’s focus is on communication and research She is meeting with citizens, union leaders, department heads, and the mayor to gain facts and solidify steps to help improve the city of Lawrence.

She is looking forward to working with the fire and police departments as well to create long-term plans to support their staff.

“All my research has reminded me of a few courses I took at UIndy,” she says.

“Each class was challenging and intimidating at first, but as the semester went on, I felt that the challenge made me more confident. Knowing that a challenge is the first sign of success, I now confront challenges with confidence instead of uncertainty.”