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#uindybound: Don’t forget….

Ready for your first year at college? Here’s a list of tips and advice from current students about what to pack, what to do and how to have fun.

If you are living in a dorm, my advice would be have two phone chargers: one for home and one for your dorm. I always forgot to bring my phone charger to school!

Hannah Haller, Sophomore, Biology– Pre-Physical therapy

When living in a dorm, never close your door!

Nick Beyer, Senior, Exercise Science

I forgot to bring a lot of hooks and sticky tack so that I could hang things and decorate my room

Katie Beron, Sophomore, Psychology

I wish I would have bRought a planner to college to keep myself organized in my first year.

Michael VanSchoyck, Junior, Communication

Don’t be afraid to make new friends and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you inside and outside of the classroom.

Brandi Spaeth, Junior, Accounting

My advice to incoming freshmen is to come with an open mind and try out new things. You never know what kind of awesome people you will meet!

Eileen Chou, Sophomore , Biology–Pre physical therapy

My advice to incoming freshmen would be to explore and discover who you really are. Use your resources and don’t be afraid to be wrong!

Ross Carter, Sophomore, Accounting/CPA/ Finance

Don’t be afraid to talk to people who come from different cultures and have different backgrounds
from you.

Perla Alamillo-Rodriguez, Junior, Nursing & resident Assistant