Student Spotlight
Behind the scenes: Simulation Center

First-year nursing student, Dawson Harris, describes the Simulation Center experience

Simulated patient care is a crucial part of nursing education, which is why UIndy provides nursing students exposure to the Simulation Center during their very first year.

How has the hands-on training and exposure to technology in the Simulation Center given you more confidence in preparation for your career?

The Simulation Center is very helpful, allowing me and my fellow students to practice challenging scenarios and situations in a controlled setting with our professors’ supervision. Clinical experiences are a wonderful learning opportunity, but the simulation experience is a safer environment and gives us the ability to review our performance. Getting practice in the Simulation Center
before going into the clinical setting helped me gain confidence without having the fear of doing something
wrong on a real patient.

Tell me about some of the most challenging patient scenarios you’ve had to solve in the Simulation Center.

For my first scenario, we did a physical assessment on the patient and answered questions that were asked of us. This was a helpful experience because we had to think on our feet and answer in a way that was honest but did not cause the patient to worry.

What have you learned about the realities of the clinical world by using the Simulation Center?

I have learned that not everything goes according to plan. You can walk into a room with a game plan in mind, but you have to be ready to throw it out and address the situation. I have also learned that patient interaction is just as important as performing nursing skills. You are educating and interacting with the patient and responsible for answering questions that they have in a relational way.