Residence Hall Hacks

This is not your parents’ residence hall. 

Today’s residence halls are all about plush carpets, decorative lamps and colorful bedding. Blank walls become canvases for posters, art and even wall tapestries. So before you load up the car later this summer, make sure you pack a few of these essential items to make your new room the perfect home away from home.

Tip: Save space and stay organized with storage bins under your bed.

“The most important thing for me is pictures of my family and friends to make it feel like home. I need things that are important to me and define me as a person, because it would not be MY room without pictures of Adele and James Dean. Personalizing your room with things that represent who you are is so important!”  – Stephen Cox, Junior, Roberts Hall

Tip: Bring your own mini fridge and microwave for convenient snacking and in-room dining.

“Adding carpet or cute rugs to a dorm room really makes it feel more like home.”  – Marisa Hall, Freshman, Crowe Hall

Tip: Add color and personality to your room with curtains.

“I would tell freshmen to bring a mattress topper and lots of posters.” – Wendell Brown, Senior, Greyhound Village

“A must for me is my Swiffer Wet Jet. The floors get pretty dirty, and that thing has been a lifesaver! Something that makes my room feel more like home is a wall tapestry or framed pictures of my friends and family.” – Makayla Brown, Freshman, Cravens Hall

Residence Options: 
Cory Bretz Hall: 236 (mostly freshmen students)
Cravens Hall: 200 (mostly freshmen students)
Crowe Hall: 154 (freshmen and upperclass students)
Warren Hall: 252 (freshmen students)
Roberts Hall: 165 (upperclass students)
East Hall: 153 (upperclass students)
Central Hall: 248 (mostly upperclass students)
Greyhound Village Apartments: Up to 480 juniors, seniors and graduate students