Inside the UIndy Simulation Center

SimMan is a life-like, computerized mannequin that simulates a real patient — he breathes, speaks, and has movable joints and eyes that open and close. Students practice basic patient care, such as checking heart and lung sounds and vital signs, as well as more advanced clinical skills, such as intubation and placement of IVs and catheters. Nursing professors take advantage of pre-programmed voices or talk through the mannequins to create entirely new patient scenarios. This isn’t the only mannequin in the Simulation Center — the School of Nursing owns multiple mannequins (male and female) across the lifespan, including baby and child mannequins for pediatric simulations.

  • The Alaris Pump is one of the most common pumps used by clinical partners in central Indiana to deliver IV fluids, medications and blood to patients.
  • The hospital-grade medical monitor at the bedside displays heart rate, respiratory rate and blood oxygen level and features an interactive touch screen for viewing patient labs. The data is transmitted from a sensor connected to the patient’s (or mannequin’s) body.
  • The wall mount has a simulated set-up for oxygen, suction and medical air and is similar to the wall units that our nurses will see in hospitals.
  • Digital audio/video capture outside each simulation room allows for helpful critique during debriefing sessions. Nursing instructors have the capability to tag specific points and create notes during live recordings, which are searchable during playback.
  • Each room in the Simulation Center is equipped with a two-way mirror, providing a means for unobtrusive observation during the simulation experience.

Here’s what the nursing community is saying about UIndy grads:

“We hire as many UIndy nursing graduates as we can. we know that they’re going to be high quality. They’ve had the best educators and the best faculty and experiences.”

Jean Putnam Chief Nursing Officer, Community Health Network

“What differentiates UIndy Graduates is their well-roundedness and their ability to understand service, which quickly connects them to our mission.”

Susan McRoberts — Chief Nursing Officer, Franciscan St. Francis Health

“UIndy is one of the Premier institutions within the community. as hiring managers, we would fight over their graduates.”

Elizabeth Cerbie Brown — Assistant Professor of Nursing, Former Hiring Manager