Student Spotlight
A Day in the Life … Freshman Jodi Malichi


jodi_malichi_tour_15519-editExercise science major Jodi Malichi starts her week by hosting a campus tour for the Office of Admissions. She works about five hours each week as a campus tour guide. “At first I was super nervous, but now I can tell you anything about UIndy in my sleep,” she said.


Malichi is taking six classes this semester, totaling 16 credit hours. Her Tuesday begins with a 9:30 a.m. religion class, followed by two afternoon classes.  “I tried to make my days start as late as possible so I can get a little more sleep,” she said. She is primarily taking core courses, like math and art, so she can concentrate on her major as an upperclassman. Her favorite class so far? “American Sport and Society,” an elective class that gave her the opportunity to present about her favorite team.


jodi_malichi_schwitzer_15564-1It’s the middle of the week and Malichi has time to catch up on homework and hang out with friends between class and work. She lives in Corey Bretz residence hall with her identical twin sister, Tobi. She said dorm life helped her come out of her shell and meet new friends, plus “everything’s closer – I don’t have to drive anywhere or use gas.” Malichi said the longest walk from her room to class is 10 minutes (“maybe nine if I’m speed walking”).


Malichi’s longest day of the week kicks off with a 9:30 a.m. class and ends with a 6 p.m. night class. She doesn’t have much time to relax, but she meets up with friends for lunch in the dining hall. She said one of the most important things about freshman year is figuring out how to stay organized. “Write it down,” she said. “You think you can remember everything off the top of your head, but you can’t. Put it in your phone, write it on a Post-It note: just write it down. The key to college is Post-It notes.”


“I take a lot of naps on Saturdays,” she joked. Her weekend plans also include spending time with friends, exploring downtown Indianapolis, going to church and cheering on the Greyhounds at a football or basketball game. She tries to fit in some time for homework, so it doesn’t become overwhelming during the week.

“Come into freshman year with open  expectations. Life comes at you fast.  Be prepared, expect the unexpected  and don’t be late to class! Get involved early. Find your place, get your routine down and campus will start to feel like home.”