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The Campus Visit

Make the most of your visit!

Greyhounds around campus share their tips.

“While taking your tour, document everything. Take pictures and make notes so that when it is time to make a decision, you’re able to review those notes and pictures and make the best decision for you.”

— Cassi Bates ’21 (undecided)

“You’re going to share your space with a lot of other people. Ask about the atmosphere in the different dorms to find a good fit for you.

 — Deepayan Sen 20 (information systems / business analytics)

“Check out the dorms, the cafe and the buildings where most of your classes will be. Try to live a day of your college life by seeing how far your walks to class would be and where you’d eat in between classes.”

— Yousef Abdelraouf ’20 (human biology / pre-med)

“Prepare for the weather, wear tennis shoes and be comfortable because you are going to be walking around all day. Get to know people in your group, Keep an open mind and have fun.

— Sunny Tekle ’21 (theatre major)

“Don’t be afraid to come back for a second visit if you’re unsure.”

— Sophia Frieden ’20 (elementary education)

“Ask your tour guide about their personal experiences at UIndy! It’s a great way to step into the shoes of a college student to better understand the school and how to prepare for freshman year!”

— Noah Smith ’19 (exercise science, pre-physical therapy)

“Never be afraid to start making friends and connectionseven on your tour! You can never know too many people, and the more people you know, the better suited you are for college and, more importantly, life!”

Spencer Burton ’21 (biology)

“Make a list of 10 questions and take it with you on every tour. It’s a nice way to compare and contrast. You’ll find it helps a lot when decision time comes.”

— Cariann Freed ’19 (psychology, business)