Fall 2018
UIndy Energy Goes Viral

Eric Branch ’17 made a video that went viral. We’re talking 789,000 Views, over 28,000 Likes and almost 7,500 Retweets on @ESPN. Even TIME magazine picked it up. It took the world by storm. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out here:

Branch teaches physical education at Indianapolis’ Lowell Elementary School. His one-minute clip, dubbed “Hoop Hop Showdown,” shows fourth graders playing rock-paper-scissors like you’ve never seen before. The thing is, the video went viral because of the way his students reacted to the game.

He got his inspiration to inspire from his professors at UIndy. “The faculty at UIndy’s School of Education are tremendous. My instructors, like Dr. John Somers, always made themselves accessible to me, and their enthusiasm and dedication was what truly set them apart. They showed us that they were really embedded into the program and truly into what they were doing.”

This positive experience had a big impact on Branch, who is now influencing a new generation of elementary students with his contagious energy. “UIndy taught me that it doesn’t matter what subject you teach, just be excited about it and it will come through to students. Express your personal enthusiasm and the students will want to be part of it.”