Spring 2019
Alexis Meier
Campus Becomes Home Away From Home

With a thriving student residence life and strong community engagement programs, the University of Indianapolis offers boundless possibilities to make connections. Alexis Meier ’20 should know. She’s an apartment community assistant for University Lofts, UIndy’s newest student residence complex.

Meier serves as an active resource for students living in University Lofts. Her job is all about encouraging students to get involved.

“All resident assistants and apartment community assistants here on campus have the opportunity to make an impact on others’ lives in practical ways,” explained Meier, who is majoring in business administration and management.

University Lofts, available to continuing students, is a 118-unit, 300-bed apartment complex offering furnished single, double and quad rooms with private baths, kitchens, living areas, and washers and dryers. Meier lives in a two-bedroom unit.

Meier credits her freshman experience in East Hall with connecting her to a suite-mate who became a good friend.

“Residence halls serve as a home away from home, and the community in each hall provides plenty of opportunities to build friendships. They challenge you to grow away from your comfort zone towards a place of development into a new, more improved version of yourself,” she said.Alexis Meier with another student

Meier rounds out her experience with a job on UIndy’s IT Help Desk, where she grew her skill set for problem-solving. She also has expanded her off-campus network through volunteering at Hope For Tomorrow, a nonprofit that assists Burmese adults in their pursuit of American citizenship, and as a former leader in Young Life College, a faith-based mentorship program.


“Both of these off-campus activities have taught me how to appreciate others to a further extent in different ways,” Meier said. “It has also proved that when you are doing something you love, you have the ability to thrive.”

“I am loving the University Lofts! It is so nice to have this space and everything that comes along with it.”
– Alexis Meier ’20

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