Fall 2019
High-Tech in the Health Pavilion

Cutting-edge medical technology in the Health Pavilion is creating unique learning opportunities for students at the University of Indianapolis. Here’s an inside look at some of the most innovative pieces of equipment on the market that UIndy students use every day.

Anatomage Table (pictured above)

Imagine a human-sized smartphone, complete with high-resolution display and fully-interactive functions. The Anatomage Table contains the complete visual data of a human cadaver. With a simple tap of the on-screen menu, the user may remove all of the skin from the cadaver, highlight only elements of the central nervous system and stick a virtual pin in a particular spot that is then identified with the correct medical term.

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) Machine

The DEXA takes measuring body composition to a new level. By obtaining a full-body scan, this equipment can tell you key information like muscle-to-fat ratio, including in region-specific areas of the body, and can also measure bone density. There are wide applications for this data in the healthcare industry, including clinical exercise programming, high-performance athletic training and osteopathic care.

Nursing Simulation Lab

Experience in a real clinical setting is what ultimately enhances a nurse’s ability to deliver optimal patient care. The Sim Lab at UIndy is among the best in Indiana at providing this learning opportunity. Students work on a robotic patient that breathes, blinks, maintains variably controlled vital signs, and even speaks—all manipulated by instructors on the other side of the glass from nursing students who are learning to make life-saving decisions in real-time.